Tonight for Jon

It’s great to see how hard everyone has been working to make sure tonight’s concert for Jon Lord is something extra special. Paul Mann has been rehearsing his orchestral parts since last flipping year, and photos circulated over the last couple of days show the rest of the musicians and others going through their material.  Everyone clearly wants to be on top form and rightly so. For everyone who is going, have a cracking evening (and don’t forget to pen us a few words!).  For those who aren’t let’s have a moment to remember Jon in our own way today.  I first saw him live back in 1971, and here’s an old battered print of Jon in action back then on the British tour which sums the man up for me…

Jon Lord UK tour 1971



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7 Responses to “Tonight for Jon”

  1. neil Says:

    I thought Paul Weller gave two excellent performances of the Artwoods songs, with no real connection to heavy rock I felt genuinely touched he put himself forward to pay tribute to Jon .
    Glenn Hughes was good also, but his screeches still grind with me, as they always have with Mk3, he`s a good enough vocalist not to have to resort to self indulgence, I thought it spoilt “This Time Around”
    Let down of the evening was Bruce Dickinson, he dressed like he had just walked in from an allotment (!) and just seemed to amble aimlessly around the stage. His vocals were not terrific either, should have just left this set to Glenn
    Deep Purple were good, Ian`s vocals better than when I last saw them at The Roundhouse last year. When a Blind Man Cries, though, was spoilt by Steve, why does he not play the solo just pure Blues as it is on the record! Was hoping for more leaning towards “In Rock” also considering it very much part of Jon`s best work.
    Orchestra parts very good if your familiar with Jon`s solo work, but if not at times a little self indulgent. All in all though a good evening, overpriced at £60 up in the circle, but a fitting tribute to Jon, perhaps not as great as I was hoping, but then what I was “really” hoping for, was a surprise showing by Ritchie Blackmore! I guess I was just hoping for a bit too much.

  2. Peter Houghton Says:

    An extremely emotional evening: God bless Vicky Lord for being so brave. Steve Balsamo sang beautifully on” All Those Years Ago”, as did Glenn Hughes on “This Time Around”. He and Bruce Dickinson were incredible with ” You Keep On Moving ” and ” Burn “. Shame no Whitesnake, but the show was all you could expect and more. Deep Purple were the ultimate professionals and ” Above and Beyond ” said it all for me; Jon’s spirit was and will always be a shining light for the best band around.

  3. Vincent John Collins Says:

    My wife has never been into DP – nor many of the artists I like – and vice versa. However, she positively loved the classical sections – she having a great taste for and understanding of such – so that’s praise indeed. Now if only Blackmore had turned up…

  4. Les Hedger Says:

    Great Photo. I like the one on the front of the Sarabande album. A great showman with the skills to back it up. Maybe he is the greatest musician rock and roll ever produced. I think so!

  5. strider712 Says:

    Will write more later, although not great at this. It was three hours of magical music by Jon. Emotional when Vickie came on stage at the start. First half was mostly Jon’s classical music, the second half from his rock days. Glen Hughes and Bruce Dickinson and others. Then Purple arrived and completed a great set. Finishing with Hush with everyone on stage. Wonderful magical evening. When the CD/DVD comes out buy it.

  6. Mike Says:

    God Bless Jon-miss you lots

  7. Barry Williamson Says:

    I wish I could be there this evening, I will play Lazy from Made In Japan as my personal tribute to the big man!

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