Made In Japan 2?

Deep Purple’s recent show at the Budokan was filmed and recorded officially for what we assume is an upcoming release. Full set list (which still includes the five new songs as well as most of the original MIJ) is on the tour date page. Shall we start a Yougov petition to get Steve to change his solo track? X number of signees and they have to debate it in Parliament!

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15 Responses to “Made In Japan 2?”

  1. Mike Campbell Says:

    The Mk2 lineup will never be duplicated. 1969-1973 will always be the best they ever were. It was the magic lineup for all time and eternity. Made in Japan. Ian Paice and I agree, it’s our all time fav. Purple record. The best ever has been or ever will be. Period!

  2. CozyRitchieJonRonnie Says:

    I’d rather it was Last Concert In Japan 2. Time they knocked it on the head. GH was the highlight at the Albert Hall – once again I yawned through Purple’s set.

  3. Edward Morgan Says:

    I’ve heard a bootleg of the show – a great recording – and a good show but it sounds like a completely different band – so comparisons, as usual, are odorous.

  4. Jack Says:

    Obviously it won’t be Made in Japan…but they can deliver a powerful live album and dvd. Now What?! is an awesome album!! The best they’ve done since Perfect Strangers/Battle Rages On…

  5. Sanji Says:

    I myself would love to see Steve and Don change their solos. I have not heard Deep Purple much lately, but it seemed that Don has been extremely good at copying Jon’s solos note-for-note, which I appreciate… but it lacks spontaneity & opens the door for ‘staleness’ to enter. If they are not going to revamp the setlist, the very least they can do is revamp the solos. Even Ritchie and Jon didn’t play their own solos note for note, which added to the excitement! And Deep Purple is supposed to be exciting, not predictable!

  6. Andreas Nagel Says:

    Made in Japan is unique. That is the past and can never be made again, because (it was) a different time and musicians and in my opinion the new line up is better. Look at the current record… awesome music. Deep Purple is getting better and better, like old wine. They don’t have to made statements on their instruments. The music is the star! And they play almost their Mk II back catalogue. Blackmore wouldn’t do this.

  7. Les Hedger Says:

    Maybe they could call the live album “Deep Purple in Japan, That’s What!” !

  8. Les Hedger Says:

    I like Steve. He certainly is a great guitar player but he hardly ever seems to change his solo’s in songs. Of course Blackmore/Lord are the most powerful Guitar/Keyboard combo of all time!!!

  9. Jim Collins Says:

    You don’t like The Well Dressed Guitar/Contact Lost spot? Seriously? I think it’s been one of the highlights of the last four or five shows I saw them perform. Certainly more entertaining than Gillan’s eternal quest for the note when he tries to perform anything off In Rock.
    I think it’s great that they allow Steve to stretch out and display his abilities.

  10. Gary Halverson Says:

    I was there!! Attended the show at the Budokan on this past Saturday late afternoon on April 12th. Show was completely sold out. Were at least 10,000 people there. Yes cameras were rolling in front of the stage!

  11. Paul Higan Says:

    Steve is an awesome guitarist, but seems to have become too comfortable playing the same stuff – in terms of his solos at least. The Contact Lost solo was lovely when first heard, but has had its day by now. Surely he is bored himself playing the same stuff night after night?

  12. thesonofalerik Says:

    Without Richie on guitar and, above all, the lamented Jon on Hammond, there can NEVER be another Made in Japan.

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