Deep Purple In Art

Sir Peter Blake has just revealed a new Sgt Pepper style montage bringing together many of the artists who have graced the stage of The Royal Albert Hall. Unlike the original, which saw him doing lifesize photo blow-ups made then photographing them all en masse, fifty years or so on he’s done the new work in Photoshop so it lacks some of the atmosphere. But even so seen in total (it’s a triptych) it looks quite impressive. Even more amazingly, one of the bands included are Deep Purple (bottom right). This treat is only slightly marred by the fact that he’s used the wrong line-up for his piece, as Mk 4 (or indeed Mk 3 or Mk 1) never appeared at the RAH. Knowing Blake, copies will be for sale at a hefty price somewhere soon.  Thanks to Peter Judd for the heads up.

And seeing as we’re in arty mode, Simon is part of this years annual Open Up Studio weekend in Sheffield, and will be exhibiting recent print work and photographs. Obviously nothing to do with Deep Purple (though one or two sleeve designs might sneak in when nobody is looking) but if you’re at a loose end over the early May bank holiday… details are on Simon’s art site here and some of the prints can also be seen online on the same site. They are considerably cheaper than buying a Peter Blake…

Peter Blake Deep Purple Royal Albert Hall

Schweppes Violet May


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4 Responses to “Deep Purple In Art”

  1. Eise Silvennoinen Says:

    Sad to see that it is the wrong mark, if there was an itention to celebrate the success of the band.

  2. Twanky Says:

    To be honest i could do a better job than that in Photoshop. I do like yours though Simon :-)

  3. Jerry Says:

    To be honest it’s the sort of thing anyone with a bit of Photoshop experience could do, and in my humble opinion for such a distinguished artist looks rather amateurish. Took me ages to spot Purple, even with the heads up and disappointing that he hasn’t researched band members.
    Further more, I wonder if all the images were licensed?
    And finally, I can’t see The Cardigans in there, or Vincent Price, Tony Ashton, Twiggy or John Gustafson!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, Twiggy is a major error! I have a photo of her there from the Butterfly Ball if he wants… I did wonder how the images are licensed but I expect he has assistants to do all that sort of thing for him. You could get most of this stuff from a couple of celeb collections.

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