Craft fair horror

I’ve seen vinyl melted into ash-trays and bowls, stuck on tubing to make cake stands, bent at 45 degree to form book ends, cut into squares and drilled to make spiral-bound notebooks.  But until now I’d never seen a Deep Purple record subject to this sort of treatment. Here’s Smoke On The Water hacked to bits and made into a clock. I blame Kirsty Allsopp.

smoke on the water as a clock



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12 Responses to “Craft fair horror”

  1. Les Hedger Says:

    Where’s Homeland Security when you need them?

  2. Neil Cutler Says:

    Brilliant Simon, we should all have one on the wall!
    But I want Child in Time on mine! Cheers. Neil

  3. Jim Collins Says:

    You’ll want to stay off eBay then Simon. There are people selling In Rock vinyl bowls and other assorted DP record “art”….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for the warning Jim! They’ll be selling romper suits with the Mk 3 logo on next… oh, wait.

  4. Scott W. Says:

    Why cut the vinyl? Just use the LP intact and it would still be playable if desired?…

  5. Gary Critcher Says:

    those bastards.

  6. Speedygoya Says:

    On ebay I’ve seen the bowl version of Made In Japan. Even looks nice.

  7. Dan Macaulay Says:

    it is sort of kool.

  8. Kevin Staden Says:


  9. SF Says:

    What kind of barbarism is this? How evil one has to be to do such a thing… while there is no problem to do a clock from a vinyl without destroying it…
    Fortunately this is a single from the 80’s and not some rare item.

  10. Rob Corich Says:

    That puts a whole new meaning on the clock is ticking for vinyl

  11. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    They’ll be putting them onto a rotating turntable at 45 revolutions per minute and sticking a needle into them, hoping to get sound out of them next! How ridiculous would that be?!

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