Hotel Paradiso


Rik Mayall had reduced me to helpless laughter so often that he could be classed as a health hazard. So excuse me going off topic and joining the chorus of dismay. Bad News blows Spinal Tap away as far as I’m concerned, being rooted in just about everyone’s experiences of being involved with a band in the UK (I remember a particularly desperate Bad News situation when I drove a band over for what we thought was to be a prestigious Manchester show and found an audience of three. And a dog.)  Rik (and Ade’s) TV work, on-stage shows (twice), and latterly DVD box sets (Filthy Rich & Catflap and Bottom in particular) have been a constant safety valve at DTB Towers after particularly stressed days at work.  And will I’m sure continue to remain so.





12 Responses to “Hotel Paradiso”

  1. Simon Adlington Says:

    R.I.P. Rik,
    On one of the two albums Bad News released, there is a track called ‘A.G.M.’ which is a chat about what they are going to call the album. After various suggestions, they start to talk about other bands album titles and Den Dennis (Nigel Planer) suggests ‘Paranoid Greatest Hits’ – with a response of ‘who’s that by then’, to which comes ‘It’s the Sabs’ / ‘It’s not the Sabs’ / It’s the Purps then’!!!
    At another point Den Dennis’ guitar playing gets described as ‘surpassing even Ritchie Blackmore’s level’!

  2. Rob Mc Says:

    RIP Rik, still can’t quite believe he’s gone at only 56. Check out another DP connection here – Ade’s shrinking underpants turning him into Ian Gillan. Childish I know but funny all the same.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yeah it’s not Nighty Night, but a hell or a lot funnier! Nice to see fans pushing his ignored 2010 World Cup anthem up the charts too. Insanely catchy (and a great video).

  3. Gary G Says:

    Terribly saddened to hear the news about Rik’s passing – he’ll be greatly missed. But talking about ‘Guest House Paradiso’ (albeit in passing!), there’s the smallest Deep Purple connection-type-thing with Rik – ColinTowns did the score for this film, as he did too for the animations Wind In The Willows, The Willows In Winter and Beatrix Potter. Small world, eh?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well spotted Gary! I had a fan call from the US yesterday wanting to know what the DP connection was, and said there was one but he’d have to go hunting. I don’t ever recall it coming out as a soundtrack album, but probably as the critics hated the movie they didn’t feel there was much of a market. UPDATE – astonishingly the film music has been released on CD this very month! It includes all Colin’s score, which is very lounge jazz, and a selection of dialogue lines from the film. It gets a big thumbs up on this review here:

      • Gary G Says:

        Yes a soundtrack accompanied the film, they were released simultaneously in 1999, with the CD remaining on catalogue ever since, so I don’t think it was released again recently. Nice (and clever!) use of the Mask Orchestra – it gives the film a great dynamic. And the score stands up falrly well as a standalone CD as well.
        I only mentioned the animations as some of the characters were voiced by Rik – and Rik’s portrayal of Toad in Wind In The Willows is particularly noteworthy! And, of course, Colin did the scores to all those animations too!
        Right. Where’s my anorak, I’m going back to the train station…!

      • simon robinson Says:

        I’m sure I was reading a very recent review of the Paradiso CD but I cannot now find the film site I was looking at. Maybe it’s just been reissued recently. But anyway, it’s out and it makes the DP connection. And I have a photo of me in my push-chair at Millhouses station watching the Flying Scotsman going by so there!

  4. Roy Davies Says:

    I once had the unfortunate (?) experience of one of Rik’s mates knocking over my part pint of beer in nearby Bromsgrove (UK) one evening- this was his early “Kevin Turvey” era for those in the know, and as Rik bought me a fresh pint looked at my leather jacket and long Bon Jovi shaggy perm and politely asked “Are you in the Rolling Stones?” . I naturally said ‘No’ to which he responded “You could have been…” and gave that ‘snort’ only he could do.

  5. Ade Dennis Says:

    The Bad News album is hilarious. Worth buying just for the between track arguments!

  6. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    What did you think of “The Rutles” spoof which also pre-dated Spinal Tap? The Rutles: Dirk,Stig,Nasty, and Barry. The legend to last a lunch time!

  7. Paul Hine Says:

    Pheeb indeed. I enjoyed most of Rik’s appearances but Bottom, Guest House Paradiso and Bad News were particularly good/bad (depending on your sense of humour). To be fair to Spinal Tap, which I think is extremely funny and well observed, it has a different target from Bad News which absolutely nails the experience of being in an aspiring, not very good British heavy rock band (I’ve been in a few myself).

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