In the sun

Deep Purple are taking a break in the Algarve right now doing some writing to get the follow up to What Now started. Looks like they have decided to strike while the iron is still fairly hot which seems a good move. The album is still getting mentioned; listing their top five albums of 2013 in Good Times magazine, Mick Box put Now What at second, and Andy Scott of The Sweet rated it fourth (thanks to Hubert Leonhard).
Deep Purple went ahead with their concert in Turkish occupied Cyprus on May 24 in front of 20,000 fans. Admission was free. The show made the local press on both sides, “The band landed in Nicosia’s Ercan Airport in a British Airways plane rented for the trip in a rare occasion for the airport, which is closed to international flights apart from those coming from Turkey. The band members were welcomed by the Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry officials, as international celebrities make rare visits to the country due to the pressure from Greek Cyprus and the international community.”
Deep Purple Cyprus

Apart from a French festival this month the band are off the road until the middle of July when they play more European shows before their longest batch of North America / Canadian shows in ages.


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12 Responses to “In the sun”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    If you’re leaving, your eyes must be sore
    Don’t expect co-ordination anymore
    See me looking, in the mirror on the door
    Whether I’m in pink or red I really ain’t too sure.

    I’m a colour blind man, I’m a colour blind man
    and my world is green?
    When a colour blind man cries, Lord, you know
    there ain’t no sadder scene.

    Had a jacket once, sort of gold,
    Garth wore it, but it ended being sold
    With that gold, I wore something blue
    Tried to match things up but I hadn’t got a clue.

    I’m a colour blind man, I’m a colour blind man
    and my suits are vile
    When a colour blind man tries, boy, you know
    you feel it in your bile.

  2. Les Hedger Says:

    More than a year after “Now What” was issued I still listen to some or all of it every day! Have to consider ourselves lucky that this line-up has found it’s groove!

  3. Ed Says:

    Not as bad as the gold pyjamas in ’99 at the RAH! I am looking forward to new music, Now What?! was great …

  4. scott price Says:

    I’m Colour Blind and I find that first comment offensive to my people! On the plus side, Gillans clothes look fine to me ;)

  5. Jamie Woodward Says:

    When a colour blind man buys his own clothes? Ian Gillan take a bow. Let’s hope the new songs are better than Ian’s dress sense…

    • simon robinson Says:

      I was tempted to say something, then I remembered a silver parka I had as a student bought from a Debenhams sale and thought best not!

      • George Martin Says:

        Ian’s clothes are great! They say to me ” I’m turning 69 this year and I don’t give a S*** what I wear! Long may it continue!

  6. JMcE. Says:

    ‘What Now’? :-)

  7. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Certainly no “absence of pink” in that photo!

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