Ian Paice is doing another Deep Purple tribute band show in Italy as part of a whole festival of copycat bands, details on the IP page. Thanks to Marco Casoni for the heads up. I saw ads for Phil Collins, Abba and loads more last week on holiday in Worcestershire – they seem to assume you know the real band would never be playing in these obscure towns so don’t even bother with the clever names any more, which is a shame.


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  1. Danielz Says:

    I know what you mean about ‘tributes’ advertised under real names. This usually happens when the tribute is either a karaoke, a cover band that isn’t very well known, or the venue are not concerned who is performing as that act, so no need to put their real name in the advertising. I have been doing T.Rextasy for 21 years and all our gigs have our name advertised on the posters, flyers, and brochures, etc…If one is to take the music seriously, I always feel that one should come up with a powerful name, rather than one that sounds silly or humourous….also, there are so many tribute bands that feel the need to play with backing tracks (Queen and Abba tributes being the absolute worse culprits!), which I feel is a total con – I prefer to play 100% live with mistake and all – but it’s still LIVE! Anyway, this is a Purple site, so I’d better stop rambling on now…

    • simon robinson Says:

      No problem Daniel, sounds an interesting outfit. There is clearly a wide variety of approaches to the tribute band market. I certainly think it’s more valid when the artists are no longer with us, though with Purple the arguments still rage!

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