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GH-California-BreedGlenn Hughes‘ new band CALIFORNIA BREED will be doing a handful of shows in the UK later this year, but supporting Slash! I’m struggling to think of Glenn supporting anyone in the UK on a tour since he left Deep Purple, so this marks a change of plan – and the new band will undoubtedly reach a much larger audience doing this than they otherwise would, as these are all large arena shows. Thanks to Mark Maddock for the news.

Nov 28 – Manchester Arena, Nov 29 – Leeds Arena, Dec 01 – Birmingham Arena, Dec 02 – Wembley Arena – London, Dec 04 – Glasgow Arena

The band will be promoting their debut CD issued last month, which is still available in the Ltd Ed digipak at DTB Online store.


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One Response to “Special guests”

  1. frodster Says:

    I have been reappraising this album since Glenn latest ‘Resonate’.
    I enjoyed the California Breed album,more that the BCC albums.
    ‘All Fall Down’, ‘The Grey’ and ‘Sweet Tea’ being especially strong.Almost a punky/thrashy angle on hard rock genre at times.
    A shame Jason jumped ship before the tour proper because his playing is so ‘in your face’.
    Andrew Watt lead breaks had echoes of Mel Galley and a refreshing lack of widdley-widdley.

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