mystery man

Come on then, who is the cool looking dude with the guitar in this vintage photograph?  He is related to the Deep Purple story.  Answer next week!

The Skyliners


46 Responses to “mystery man”

  1. Lajos Says:


  2. Tony B Says:

    Is it Sir David of Coverdale (as he might put it)?

  3. Chris Brown Says:

    David Coverdale

  4. Nicky Says:

    Chris Curtis

  5. Arty Says:

    It is David Coverdale in 1968…

  6. Kerry Martin Says:

    This must be just before they changed the name of the band, if that’s who I think it is.

  7. Scott W. Says:

    I meant the other MK III member David Coverdale. (Sure looks like Glenn though…!)

  8. Roberto Says:

    A member of Coverdale’s band before they changed their name in The Government.

  9. Denis Says:

    Is it David Coverdale prior to joining the Government.

  10. elwood Says:

    Its David Coverdale

  11. Bennie Says:

    David Coverdale was in the Skyliners

  12. Mike Burnett Says:

    Got it! It’s a fresh-faced Benny from Crossroads performing in the lobby of the Crossroads motel. His band, pictured here, included a teenage Ginger Baker on drums, already looking a little worse for wear at the thought of another 80 years of gigging to come. On keyboards is everyone’s favourite BBC TV Travel advisor Simon Calder before he decided that patronising TV viewers while stating the blatantly obvious was a much easier way to earn money….do I win a prize sir?

    • simon robinson Says:

      If there were any prizes, you’d get them for most inventive stab at this! Except I’ve no idea who Simon Calder is…

  13. mkj Says:

    1968, Coverdale was approached by covers band The Skyliners, to join them as a vocalist.? However, no idea of this young man?

  14. Ed Zeppelin Says:

    Graham Bonnet?

  15. Geoff Noddings Says:

    It’s either Glenn Hughes or Tommy Bolin

  16. Ziya Celayiroğlu Says:

    Looks like a very young Graham Bonnet…

  17. Gary Critcher Says:

    Chris Curtis ?

  18. Cameron Says:

    (young) Ritchie Blackmore?

  19. Fernando Mattedi Says:

    David Coverdale ???

  20. John Says:

    Coverdale circa 1968

  21. The Demonseye Says:

    Deep Purple Story!?. Rainbow Maybe.. The Nose, The Mouth, The Slick Back Hair…. Me Thinks a Young Graham Bonnet.?

  22. Paul Cropper Says:

    Think it’s Coverdale. Think he was in a band call The Skyliners in the late 60s.

  23. Karl-Heinz Baier Says:

    Graham Bonnet?

  24. Michael Klaube Says:

    It’s Not Glenn Hughes. Look! The call themselves “The Skyliners”. Just Google!

  25. NS Says:

    Sir Malcolm Arnold?

  26. Pierre Says:

    Skyliners? That would be David Coverdale then, though I reckon this photo pre-dates his joining.

  27. kevin curry Says:

    Definitely Glenn Hughes, no doubt.

  28. Martin T Says:

    David Coverdale

  29. Michael Says:

    Martin Birch

  30. Lumas Says:

    Coverdale sang in a band called The Skyliners!

  31. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    Going out on a limb here, but I guess it’s Ritche Blackmore.

  32. Les Hedger Says:

    According to Coverdale’s Bio, the band he was in “the Government”
    was originally called the Skyliners. It doesn’t look like David though.

  33. Bernt Says:

    One of Coverdale’s pre-DP-bands (The Government) were called “The Skyliners” before they changed their name. But anyway, I cannot identify the guitarist’s face.

  34. Archie Fulton Says:

    Bernie Marsden?

  35. Tom Dixon Says:

    The Skyliners were American I think, so it has to be Jolene Turner’s Dad. When JLT joined they changed to The Eyeliners!

  36. tony bannon Says:

    David Coverdale

  37. Scott W. Says:

    It says on the music stand podium ‘The Skyliners’ so it is Glenn Hughes (with a very strange look on his face! Getting ready to sneeze, fart, or both perhaps)

  38. eric Says:

    David Coverdale on guitar!!

  39. Lee B. Says:

    No,it’s Glenn Hughes !

  40. Lee B. Says:

    Eric Clapton maybe.

  41. Sokolski, Phil Says:

    I think it is Glenn Hughes

  42. Duncan Sands Says:


  43. veika Says:

    Rick Nelson

  44. Rikk Says:

    Big Jim Sullivan

  45. Nikos Says:


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