Bolin Fest

tommy bolin deep purpleThat triple Zephyr CD set we mentioned back in May was pulled at the last moment, but is now going to be released as a simple 1CD disc, albeit with 4 bonus tracks.  It looks as if there must have been some contractural issues over the live set. This revised edition is available to pre-order at DTBOnline store. In the meantime the Annual Tommy Bolin Festival kicks off on July 31st in Sioux City.  While you can find out more details on the web, they are launching the event with a two hour radio special hosted by Ken Passarelli (Energy’s first bass player) on the Thursday evening.  This should be available via the web for fans round the world to listen to and we’ll add the url if and when we get it. The main live music event draws the festival to a close on August 2nd.

There will be some exciting news on a forthcoming publishing project for 2015 announced at the festival too and we will be able to say more about this next week.


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8 Responses to “Bolin Fest”

  1. Kenny Mathers Says:

    I downloaded the 3 CD set from Amazon in the UK when it came out. Not sure if the whole lot is still available for download.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Great pic of Tommy thanks Simon…. yes the original 3cd set was a direct order via Tommy Bolin Archives site to Amazon US. It is a lovely package and some great music. Mine was 663/1000 and was pre-ordered ages before release/delivery so it sold Fast. Zephyr had some fine music I just found that the vocals were rather an acquired taste – but yet she was lovely on the last (post-Bolin) album and that is a necessary find too. Apparently according to the ‘Bolin Board’ there may well be a re-release of the (second) album Going to Colarado that will be worthwhile too.

  3. Philip Cohen Says:

    I was able to download the 3-CD edition a few weeks back at an unofficial download website, so obviously it was released.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, the full story has now emerged. Our distributors simply told us it had been cancelled, neglecting to say that’s because they didn’t get any stock as it was so limited and sold only to Am*z*n. Yet another nice trick from them to put the last few indie retailers put of business (and shame on the label for agreeing to this). So now people who missed out are just downloading it off pirate sites – which you really can’t blame them for.

  4. mart M. Says:

    It came out as a 3 cd with booklet, but sold out very quickly I read somewhere.on the internet I found the cd’s on a download site complete with booklet and covers.

  5. Scott W. Says:

    There were none left from Cleopatra (the label itself) and on Amazon USA there were only 3 available from a few sellers so, I ordered one for $45 I will do a quick review of it when I get it. On Aug 8th I will be taking my 15 year old son (Richard, named after a certain guitarist BTW) to his first concert, DP in Lincoln, CA. I hope big Ian has a good night!

  6. Scott W. Says:

    The 3 cd set has not been pulled. I have an order on the way!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have the email from the UK distributors saying it was, but now you say it isn’t and one report sent today says it came out in May, sold out immediately, and is being replaced by the 1CD set! Maybe the UK isn’t being allowed the triple for some reason. I’ll ask around. Breweries. Piss-ups. Etc.

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