Something borrowed…

Roger Whittaker In OrbitCould we stand to think that the Fireball sleeve might not have been the storming 100% original concept we always thought it to be?  Should the design award it received be returned?  All these thoughts and more flashed through my head (along with a chorus of I Don’t Believe In If Anymore) as I spotted this album by well known South African warbler and whistler Roger Whittaker. 40p changed hands at the Help The Aged shop counter (given my advancing years maybe I now quality for a 50% money back on purchases there), and I studied the sleeve details back at home. Thankfully, the release is from 1974. So EMI designer Feref is the guilty party.  The sleeve has been nominated for some sort of award in a worst cover poll too on the tinternet.  And some joker is trying to get £12.75 for it on a well known website…

More holiday fun and merriment at our theme park Grollywood Paris


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6 Responses to “Something borrowed…”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    My nomination for the next sleeve in this ongoing (?) series; Gillan’s Japanese album (the screaming face one- you know the one I mean) ….how many times has that been reprised by other artists? And was old Garth even the first?

  2. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    be afraid…be very afraid !!!

  3. cee_Bee Says:

    To quote Meatloaf…” Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? “

  4. Tom Dixon Says:

    In a similar(ish) vein, is it just me or does the model on the Kinks Lola advert running at the moment look like a young Blackmore?!
    Classic Rock and Record Collector are two places to check it out.

  5. Paul Hogan Says:

    You would be amazed at how hard The Whit rocks.

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