a song a day

Thinking of learning to play a solo from Blackmore’s glory days?  Wondering how long it might take, and whether all the hard work would be worth it?  Well now you can follow one man’s epic two year journey to nail the solo from Highway Star, as it happened, day by day.  And a unexpectedly riveting read it is too!  Our book review of Guitar Odyssey by Michael Rays is on the site now.


5 Responses to “a song a day”

  1. timothy Says:

    “RB was 27 when he wrote Highway Star – I learnt to play it when I was 21, I think that says a lot, really”

  2. Tonny Steenhagen Says:

    I like the detail: book published on 14 April!

  3. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    two years…? took me about two weeks…

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