The death of drummer Bobby Clarke Woodman has been widely reported in the French media, a country which became his second home professionally. Bobby was not only a part of the comings and going at Deeves Hall during the embryonic days of Deep Purple, but also massively influential on a generation of British rock drummers in the very early sixties.  There are more details on the site. Also worth noting is a more tenuous DP connection, some time Survivor singer Jimi Jamison who has died of a heart attack aged 63.  He was in the frame for joining Deep Purple in the turmoil of the post- Ian Gillan period in 1989.  His manager screwed up any negotiations, so the search moved on to Joe Lynn Turner.


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4 Responses to “Gitanes”

  1. Tom Says:

    Just seen news of the death of John Gustafson too – all the heroes are taking their leave. His playing on early IGB stuff & the track on Butterfly Ball were stunning. Another sadly missed maestro.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes we heard the news on Friday, so I spent some time over the weekend getting a piece together for this site which I posted this morning. I must admit I try and take extra care over these pieces for obvious reasons.

  2. David Black Says:

    Crikey. I know Purple have been around for a while but “Ian Gillan period 989” !!!!

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