If you resisted the temptation of MIJ earlier this year, then BBC4 TV has the documentary part of the box set available on BBC iPlayer, having screened it last Friday – which must mark a record of shop to screen.  Ann made me watch the last bit of it (it still hurts to see these jobs being done poorly – photocopied record sleeves badly lit, where’s Ken Morse when you need him?) then we stuck with the repeat of the first part of the Metal Britannia which has a good chunk of Deep Purple history in as well, and a typically great Jon Lord interview. Gave up when the spandex started appearing!


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  1. Vincent John Collins Says:

    I saw it (having managed to avoid buying it) and was enthralled by the live (video) material – not least from the set/s on the album. Now that’s a video I would buy – perhaps also the one in colour which appeared to have a Yank audience if, that is, there is not too much a-yellin’ and a-hollerin’ from it (I love how Robert Plant complains about such in many a Led Zeppelin bootleg I have – the sort of material that gets cut in official releases – like Coverdale’s “I keep swallowing flies up here” comment at the California Jam gig.) Perhaps you could fill us in on what from where appeared…

  2. paolo Says:

    Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in the last forty years, but now I wish to clear up the situation…
    I have several different Made In Japan, recently I bought the 9 LP’s version where there are three download codes. So now I have several original vinyl, the black cover version, the triple Live In Japan, the Kevin Shirley mix, the Martin Pullan mix…
    Do these Pullan and Shirley remixes have any correspondence to the previous releases? The original vinyl back in 1972 was mixed by Paice and Glover…

    Many thanks!

    Paolo, Italy

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s hard to know what anyone regards as ‘official’ in this case, and whether any of the band had approval of the new mixes (I suspect not).

  3. Mike Says:

    I’m hanging in there for Santa to bring me the MIJ box set but was this really the whole documentary from the box set? I did wonder when watching the prog on BBC4 whether this was it. What was the background re the b&w Japan footage? Was this the lot or could there be more out there lurking in someone’s wardrobe? To someone like me who hasn’t seen this stuff before I had hairs standing up my neck and, I’ll admit, a tear in my eye when they were in full flow in the b&w film. Magnificent! Still the best band ever…

    • simon robinson Says:

      As far as I can see this is the second use of the MIJ footage, and the background to that has been covered on the site to some degree. There is more material, around forty minutes worth in total, but because of the limits of the technology back then the cameraman was not able to film complete songs. I personally feel this dribbling out of bits and bobs is just a way to get fans to buy multiple releases but I’m sure the entire surviving film will emerge, but obviously the impact has been very much watered down.

  4. stuart Says:

    I enjoyed it and it was good to see DP on TV. It almost brought a tear to my eye seeing and hearing Jon again.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    Indeed, Friday proved a great TV night in…..’Metal Britannia’ included some great 1960s -70s social commentary film, particularly of the old industrial West Midlands now long gone.
    I loved Rob Halford’s comment on the irrelevance of the West Coast hippy music of the time; “Never mind ‘Flowers in Our Hair’- in Birmingham we had weeds around our feet”!

    BBC4 is proving the most watchable of our wonderful state broadcaster’s channels ( doesnt say much for the rest!!)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed, this was great stuff in many ways, but then I’m a real sucker for film of the UK in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I’m currently investigating an unseen hoard of utterly amazing colour pics of one of our cities for a possible book. Maybe I should get Rob Halford to do a forward! BBC4 does struggle with budgets and lack of vision from the bosses (currently you can see vintage Doctor Who free to air buried away on CBS but not on the BBC), but you’re right it does have some good stuff.

  6. jmst1 Says:

    Not having seen the doc before I was looking forward to it greatly when it popped up on the telly. Sadly, I thought it was a great disappointment. Whilst the short bits of b/w footage is something to be treasured, most of the interviews were either old hat or just regurgitated stuff we’ve always known. The fact that 70% of the film was not even directly about ‘MIJ’ didn’t help. A missed opportunity. Why always the same boring ‘journalists’/’experts’? Nine times out of ten they have NOTHING useful to say at all.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Search me JM! I think the video archives have been poorly handled almost from day one, but clearly the band love it.

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