Whitesnake open the archives

Whitesnake Live In 84 sleeveIt does seem strange to be talking about what I regard as the real Whitesnake again after how many years, well thirty in actual fact. David has announced the first decent archive DVD release from the band’s classic era, specifically the Slide It In live tour, with footage from Super Rock Japan and Sweden in 1984, which was Jon Lord’s last show ever as a member of the band, plus bonus audio CD disc with other live extra tracks (NOT available separately). It makes a real change after all the many best ofs which have been the pattern up until now. We’ve delved into our own archives to take a closer look at the period and see exactly what’s on offer on the review pages. The DVD can be pre-ordered at DTB Online store and is due in November.

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11 Responses to “Whitesnake open the archives”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Love Whitesnake but the question remains – why no DVD or CD of live “classic era” Whitesnake ie the Paice/Lord/Moody/Marsden era (as to what “Mark” that is one could ponder!?) – please can anyone find material from this era other than/in addition to the one authorised live release?

  2. robhebenaarRob Hebenaar Says:

    What about a release of Rock in Rio from 1985, and from Castle Donington from 1981?

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    Hopefully the hour-long concert from Tokyo in ’84 ( with Powell/Murray/Sykes line up) and 1983 Ludwigshafen (with Powell, Hodgkinson, Lord Moody and Galley) will get the same or similar treatment?……maybe some sort of a live box set anthology ?

  4. Jack Says:

    The Donington 1983 gig was much much better!! Release on cd/dvd the Whitesnake :Live Kommandos!!

  5. frodster Says:

    I totally embraced the Mel Galley,Cozy & Bomber Hodgkinson era.
    No poor relations to my ears. I would like to have seen a Sykes/Galley UK Tour ’84 dvd. I thought Mel worked hard on stage at the NEC in ’84 despite the arival of rising star John Sykes. Mel had the guitar,songwriting chops and vocal ability to have kept HMS Whitesnake on a Rock Blues footing.
    John David K’s arrival was starting to force out the old guard and the incoming fluffy, poodle rock image was going to raise DC’s status as more than ex Deep Pimple codger, as we all know. Now I’m off to play ‘Backstreet Love’ from Hotwire…

  6. Gaston Says:

    Hopefully John Sykes’ tone on the audio has been beefed up on the Japanese portion. I remember the broadcast and despite the pile of Marshalls, his tone was mixed in poorly.

  7. Chris Lee Says:

    For me the classic Whitesnake was already gone by 1984. Mel Galley & Cozy Powell (God rest their souls) were poor relations to Bernie Marsden & Ian Paice. I’d love to see footage from their time, or even earlier! As an aside, I’ve always thought Dave Dowle was incredibly unlucky that Paicey was such an obvious choice for Coverdale to make; he did a superb job on the first two albums.

  8. Chris Brown Says:

    Cover artwork has more of a post 1987 feel to it, might have been nice to use the old snake logo which was on the Slide It In album.

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