Celebrating Jon Lord

Jon Lord boxDetails of the various formats of this release from the April 2014 concert under our review heading; five editions including a limited edition box set with goodies (see left). But don’t ask me what size the shirt is!  Shipping now from DTB Online store.


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12 Responses to “Celebrating Jon Lord”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    I don’t think it really matters which artist’s name is larger when the event was about our dear Jon. To be honest, Paul Weller is a bigger name that either Dickinson or Hughes and he’s further down the list. Ultimately, it’s a cover and in the grand scheme of things concerning this event it is merely a minor matter. Still think the mix should have been better though, but hey ho, what’s done is done.

  2. Phil Reed Says:

    Absolutely superb package and a total steal at the price. Top job to all those involved in putting it together. As for Dickinson v Hughes as vocalist, Dickinson absoultely walks it! Hughes’ high range has always been dreadful and the days when he used to try and out-do Coverdales wonderful voice with his awful screechy racket sickens me to this day. “The voice of rock”? You are having a larf. Dickinson’s top range is staggering (not as staggering as Our Lord Gillan of course) and is way above Hughes.

  3. rexy Says:

    Ref: Staromeska’s comments – I suppose Dickinson is a bigger name than Hughes and his (Dickinson’s) name may help sell some copies? But is he a better singer? No way!!

  4. Morten Larsen Says:

    I recieved this box 2 days ago. The size of the T-shirt in my box was Large.

  5. Graham Cooke Says:

    My t shirt was large sized. Whole box set is simply magnificent.

  6. Twanky Says:

    Shirt is L and it fits me!

  7. Les Hedger Says:

    I just received it. Great show!! Nice to hear some Sarabande and PAL songs live (Silas and Jerome cracks me up!).

    • simon robinson Says:

      Don’t forget that mini PAL reunion at the Tony Ashton Abbey Road show (with Jon and Tony still around), they were great to listen to.

  8. John Derry Says:

    The T-Shirt is Large (too small for me then).

  9. staromestska Says:

    I have to state my dissipointment at Bruce Dickinson’s name being given top billing on the front cover credits over Glenn Hughes, an important former 70’s member of Deep Purple. Glenn was there as the representative of MKIII Deep Purple (along with Ian Paice and Don Airey). Bruce was helping out, but in a fairly minor role (no offense to the man). If Rod Evans or Nick Simper had played I would expected the same for them. So this is not bias. And although this was about Jon Lord’s life as a musician, let’s face it, this event centered around Deep Purple.

    In that light it seems like a slap in the face to a man that’s worked very hard over the past twenty years to rebuild his career (and has done a lot to promote the Deep Purple name, not to mention staring in one of the last Deep Purple films featuring Jon Lord, Phoenix Rising – The Story of MKIV).
    Regardless if it was a layout issue or if it was because names were listed alphabetically, it feels like a slight on his very important role in Deep Purple and in Jon’s life, if only for a brief time. His name should have been listed in the largest bold type next to Deep Purple.

  10. Rasmus Heide Says:

    The t-shirt size is Large in all boxes.

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