Remembering Cozy

Cozy PowellFans of Cozy Powell are gathering support for the Cirencester Town Council to find a way to mark the fact that the drummer was born and raised in the city, and to mark his life and work.  To this end they have a petition set up which has already persuaded the council to look into the idea.  It already has some famous signatories but all help is welcome. It has been organised by an Italian fan, Rossella Amadori

If you want to lend your support, the petition is being organised on the link below.

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13 Responses to “Remembering Cozy”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Along with Paice, my fave two drummers of all time! (as a drummer myself by the way). Whatever happened to the Cozy Documentary that was being worked on and in production 2 or 3 years ago?

  2. Eduardo Avello Says:

    Cozy Powell has been, in my opininion, the heaviest drummer in rock… I love the albums Rainbow “On Stage”, The Michael Schenker Group “MSG”, Whitesnake “Slide It In” and Black Sabbath “Tyr”.

  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    A great idea – Best drummer ive ever seen – in my mind im still at Bingley Hall Stafford in 77 watching the 1812 and Victoria Hall Hanley watching 633 – truly un-forgettable.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I remember Bristol in 76 where the backing tapes failed! Didn’t stop Cozy still going through the whole routine.

  4. Gerardo Reynaldo Says:

    I support the petition. The best drummer I ever hear of….

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    Funnily enough was blasting through ‘One Night at Budokan’ by MSG last night……if you can ignore the awful vocals arguably the most impressive concert recording of Cozy in his prime….especially when you consider he had a bout of food poisoning at the time of the concert!

  6. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    YES wholeheartedly agree I was only thinking TODAY what a superb album was Over the Top and the TWO Rainbow concerts I saw were amazing – from the Rainbow Rising era – gladly I did not catch the JLT or (even worse) GB eras! Cheers Cozy.

  7. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    I would like to propose… a helicopter landing pad!

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