Re-Live Rock n Roll?

The silly season for news is well and truly over (and let’s face it how can anyone top the Daily Mail story that “loom bands cause cancer”?). But things move a little more slowly in DTB land, so we might as well bring you this year’s Rainbow 2 Reform story.
As best we can figure things out, Ritchie Blackmore has had itchy Stratocaster fingers for a while now. He first sounded out members of the current Deep Purple over a year ago, suggesting a last get together for a few mega Mk 2 shows. Agreement was difficult to reach, not least because of how on earth could DP carry on after doing that?
So it was on to Mr. Coverdale, the idea of working together again with a nod to Mk 3 days gaining some momentum before also coming off the rails when Coverdale decided he’d rather do other things.
From there we move on to widely reported comments from Joe Lynn Turner in a recent interview given to a Greek rock journalist, which sounded fairly optimistic on his part.

“Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, right now. Yes! Possibly. It’s very possible. Last year, I wouldn’t say it. But this year I say it. It’s possible. It’s a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen. I heard talk and all I can say is that I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I’m talking to you now, and all I want you to say is yes. It’s a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. It will be phenomenal.”

And while some who have seen the story are determined to resist I’m willing to bet a lot of us would weaken. You can read the full interview and story on the Rock Overdose website:

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.


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13 Responses to “Re-Live Rock n Roll?”

  1. Stadler33 Says:

    All the negativity and lame jokes… why not celebrate the positive, celebrate all the wonderful music that came of all the incarnations of Purple/Rainbow. Hush; Woman From Tokyo; Burn; Perfect Street Rangers; King Of Dreams; Stargazer; All Night Long; Stranded; Ariel… me, a life-long Blackmore fan who has only seen BMN live would take any incarnation and would take it for what it is: a last celebration of one of the most iconic rock guitar players of all time.

  2. Kosh Says:

    Just one more thing! I attended a BMN gig in Newcastle around 2 years ago and it was ok in truth, nothing more nothing less. What I did notice was number of younger 16-18 yo lads near the back with dads, when Ritchie picked up the strat and started to fly they immediately moved to the front – utterly captivated. Ritchie started toying around the Black Night riff, and just as the band were about to explode he stopped in his tracks – everyone was on their feet ready to rock and he killed it. The look on one young mans face said more than words ever could – heartbreak. If Ritchie or anyone connected ever reads this, and he fears a return to rock would only be serving old fans, he’d be mistaken. He’s a legend and I think a move like this could be huge in terms of the reaction garnered from older fans and the curious young alike. Anyway… Long Live Rock and Roll and all that! I guess as Nicky Simper et al once said “Only time will tell…”

  3. orange70383 Says:

    The important thing here is to hear that strat again. Ritchie could once and for all take his place and reign high above all other mere mortal guitarists.

  4. Rat in Flight Says:

    One way to give everyone a bit of everything would be to expand on a suggestion that dear long lost Jon once made of a Purple festival, featuring the various lineups (or approximations thereof) playing over a couple of days. Something rather like Fairport Convention’s Cropredy bash every year, which features various line ups, eras and alumni of that band. They all have to give up a big of control for the common good of the band, it’s legacy and their fans. Purple members past and present are obviously a somewhat competitive bunch, so use that to the good and they can try and best each other over a weekend of music. It would be good money, get people from all over the world, shift a lot of CDs and merchandise, bolster the odd flagging career here and there…Fairport make a lot from the real ale sales too but maybe that’s more of Folk Rock rather than Hard Rock thing!

  5. Kosh Says:

    As a 33 year old who longs to see Ritchie playing rock with just about anyone, I’d support any kind of project where we get to appreciate his genius when in front of a stack or two and wielding the guitar that brings out his emotive side/playing to the full.

    I get tired of reading laments about certain musicians from Ritchie’s past. Indeed the majority would love to hear Jon/Ronnie as apposed to JLT et al. but alas it’s just not possible. I was born in 1981, I was a little too young even for the 1993 era Purps. Alas the White era passed me by whilst I was listening to Soundgarden and the like. I couldn’t be there, so to have the opportunity to see (what may well be a shadow of the 70s peak years) the Man in Black playing music which bought him to him to the masses, and makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck – well it’s an opportunity I’d never miss.

    I’d say from the images, hints and posts via the official Ritchie Blackmore Facebook page, and lack of denial from anyone associated with BMN that the rumours do indeed have some legs.

    2015 being an important year for Ritchie and the 40th anniversary of Rainbow forming, the time is certainly right and I reckon the passing of Jon has perhaps reminded Ritchie of the passing of time, and yes this could be a nice little earner too.

    Personally I’d like to see Hughes involved, as he’s still got the pipes together with a young band who’ve got the chops. I’d love so see Ritchie feeding off that youthful energy. As ever I’m sure Mr Blackmore will shock us all, and probably release that album of ABBA covers as someone else suggested!

  6. Les Hedger Says:

    Without Jon there can’t be no MKII reunion. It would have to be called MK9.

  7. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    It would be good to see Ritchie back; though the edgy phenomenal era of Rainbow is long past. But that said no-one has more right to “classic” Deep Purple than Ritchie! With whom, what, where and why remains Unknown! Meanwhile I still treasure my Rainbow programme from 1976! Yes 38 years ago yesterday I think…but still in recent memory so must have been good.

  8. Jeff Breis Says:

    Ritchie should dig out his Rainbow bootlegs from 1981-84 and from 1995-97 and compare them.
    If he’s paying attention, he’d rehire Doogie White.
    Better singer, better song selection, better guitar playing equals a way better tour.
    Let’s go!

  9. Ronnie Says:

    It’s about time Ritchie played some rock but please not with JLT! So much of that era of Rainbow was hit and miss (more the latter) and I’d rather Ritchie carried on with Blackmore’s Night (not that it does much for me) than rake over some bland Rainbow and terrible ‘S&M’ tunes. Get a new singer, record an album (try not to use the same old riffs), don’t call it Rainbow and play some great hard rock – it’d be good if Ritchie looked further afield for musicians than the USA. As for Coverdale? Well. he’s a silly boy for not working with Ritchie again, it could’ve been creative gold. But no, he’s happy to carry on with the bland heavy metal machine that Whitesnake has been for many years. Of course I’m not sure he has the pipes these days to sing the Purple material and Glenn would relish the chance to show off and turn it into the Glenn Hughes show! So, I can understand Coverdale not wanting to embarrass himself with his reduced singing ability, and with Whitesnake he can hide behind some of the backing vocals and can control the entire operation, which of course he couldn’t with Ritchie. But still, working with Ritchie could have been magical.

    With regards to Purple I’m not sure I’d want to see a Mark II lineup without Jon. I realise that Jon’s tragic demise may have been the catalyst for Ritchie to approach Purple, but with all due respect to Don it just wouldn’t have had that vital spark of genius that the original Mark II had. Steve Morse has not hidden his dissatisfaction with the endless touring and so this might have proved a timely respite from it. Purple could still have resumed recording afterwards I suppose, but the desire to tour might have diminished (at least for Steve). Personally, although I’m pleased they have regained some creativity within a studio environment, I don’t find the current lineup so appealing live.

  10. Marcelo Says:

    But that interview is from August. Since then we’ve seen lots of clips of Ritchie’s itchy Strat fingers doing the rounds, but no news about the future. There was also an interview where the journalist heard some rocking guitar sound playing back from his home studio, but by then Ritchie declined on developing whatever it was. I’m curious as to his plans. I miss his playing, which is pretty much subdued on his current family project. Even if he decided to do a solo album playing instrumental versions of Abba I’d definitely buy. JUST IMAGINE his instrumental rendition of “Dancing Queen”.

  11. Les Hedger Says:

    Wouldn’t t be nice if it were true? I think Ritchie still has at least one great rock album in him!! Those 1993 shows still get a lot of play from me. Brilliant they were!!

  12. Roy Davies Says:

    I’m not sure I’d put the same emphasis on the ‘events’ described above: Blackmore’s ‘overture’ to Purple amounted to nothing more than a passing remark in one interview regarding how he felt about the mark II members these days and that he would be up for a live show sometime.
    Then Coverdale mentions in another interview he gets an occasional e-mail from TMIB and suddenly Mark III is now on the table? (Don’t tell Glenn though)
    All this assumes the huge loss of Jon Lord could be adequately ignored in any reunion…..which, with the inclusion of Airey and Glover, would be closer to Rainbow than Purple….
    Best to simply ditch Gillan then and call JLT. Call it ‘Purple 1991’ on Wednesdays, Fridays and Mondays, and ‘Rainbow’ the rest of the week.
    I’d say the silly season is still with us Simon…!

  13. Dick Pimple Says:

    Regrettably it all smacks of a bit of desperation. DP……’You must be kidding!’. Cov……….’Nah, you’re alright’. JLT (Any port in a storm)……’Bring it on!’ Sorry but I can’t get too excited about a JLT reunion. Doogie would be a better choice but, oh I forgot, it’s more about the $$$ than musical integrity.

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