Documentary looking at the history of Marshall on BBC4 TV Friday night at 10.00pm, which should be of interest to most Purple fans. As is all too often the case with the BBC these days I’ve not seen one trailer for the show (clearly Lucy Worsleblackmore marshall stacksy isn’t fronting it) which is squeezed in between a couple of programmes about Pink Floyd (it will be available on iPlayer soon after). Sadly Blackmore didn’t want to appear, and they couldn’t get Glover’s schedule to tie-in with filming dates but Nick Simper does hold the torch for the band.  Lot’s of other interesting guests in the one hour show, though sadly as it has been in the works for some years, not all have survived to see it transmitted (including Big Jim Sullivan).  The eagle eyed may well spot the name of Tonny Steenhagen in the credits, a regular contributor to all things Darker Than Blue, who helped the producers out.  Let’s hope they spell his name right…!

Link to the BBC4 page about the programme.

Photo from the easy on the eye book “Wait For The Ricochet”.


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5 Responses to “Marshall”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Quite strange how my comment has not been moderated yet but while watching this on YT, it was removed ‘due to infringement’ right before my eyes! It had been left for fan’s to appreciate a full 3 days before it was removed. I guess someone is a trying to get a job as the Youtube police! (There must be better things to do..?) No problem though as people outside the UK can still see it as it has been reposted with a different title…

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s hard to believe but YouTube is full of copyright material, stuff people have worked hard to make, and then lose income when it gets pirated. Just because everyone takes this all for granted now don’t make it right! It has had a huge effect on the making / release of archive programmes as people simply can’t cover their costs.

  2. Lylian POTHRON Says:

    Sadly : “BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why.” ;-((

    • simon robinson Says:

      Is there a way around this? I notice some flat screen TVs have a social network share facility; maybe someone in the UK could watch it on iPlayer and share… Hopefully there will be an expanded DVD release before long.

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    Highly enjoyable programme, although I felt the programme couldnt do the subject justice in just 60 mins, and a longer documentary would have been a little less rushed. Nice to see others involved apart from the usual suspects like Townsend- Bernie Marsden, Graham Oliver and Brian Tatler for starts- I’ll ask Brian all the details when i see him next!

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