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Deep Purple Liverpool 1976Hot on the heels of that interesting Marshall documentary (which was pretty good for the most part – and great to have Purple’s part of the story properly recognised, and see Nick Simper, Bernie Marsden and Mick Underwood in a show together), and that iffy Made In Japan one from a few weeks back, comes news that the much edited Last Concert In Japan aka Rises Over Japan Mk 4 video gets an airing at the weekend, albeit on Sky Arts (Sat Dec 6th). If you’ve not got one of the zillion pirate copies or never watched it online, then approach with some caution as it is a very heavily edited and messed about with representation of the band. Thanks to Mr. TV listings, Tim Summers.

(I was going to illustrate this with a shot of Mk 1 as is traditional in TV listings magazines but wasn’t sure everyone would get the joke!)


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8 Responses to “Pay to view”

  1. Jeff Summers Says:

    Just watched this on Sky Arts Catch up TV. I can’t believe how awful it is. I understand from some that Tommy RIP had damaged his arm at this point. Is that the case? The man can barely play. DC and GH are just terrible and Jon and Paicey are just going through the motions. If I was a young musician watching this for inspiration, I wouldn’t find any at all. I couldn’t watch till the end. What a shame.

  2. Martin H Says:

    Good to actually to see in decent quality after all these years,the mix seemed slightly different on the HD channel . After years of listening on vinyl and CD, I had failed to notice those unbelievable drum fills in the last verse of Love Child. Mr Paice at his peak here and on into to the Paice Ashton Lord album.

  3. timothy Says:

    I hope someone records this JUST IN CASE they accidentally play the complete show courtsey of Warners Japan… hey, it could happen!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Warners Japan don’t have it Tim. I’m optimistic more of it is out there as we had a few leads to follow up still. If they had got it, you can bet it wouldn’t be buried away on Sky Arts but the subject of some big box set first!

  4. Phil Says:

    “I was going to illustrate this with a shot of Mk 1 as is traditional in TV listings magazines” …brilliant :)

  5. KIRK Says:

    Great shot of Blackmore and Simpler :)

  6. Alan Taylor Says:

    Ha. The Sky+ app illustrates it with a reunion shot, from 1985 I think, with Gillan in his red waistcoat, and, while it list the members of MkIV correctly, calls little Ian ‘Pace’…. To be fair though, I remember when you couldn’t see Purple on TV at all.

  7. CeeBee52 Says:

    Not sure what was ” iffy ” about the Made In Japan documentary.
    I found it interesting, although it didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know, having been a Deep Purple fan since 1972. It did show footage from the concerts, some of which I wasn’t aware even existed.

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