Machine Head shout out

Deep Purple rolling stones mobileIt being that time of year (Christmas? No, much more important – the anniversary of the Machine Head sessions! 43 years ago this week) I’ve been reminded to mention the ‘looking back’ feature we did some time ago which some will have missed. A sort of glance at events day by day in December 1971.  It’s been updated a little, we now know for example that Jon drove down in his E-Type Jag (nice), but fun to look through and think back.

We are working on the Machine Head book (Fire In The Sky), which will follow the In Rock title early in the new year. More details of that on the publisher’s website (where you can also join a newsletter service to keep up to date on progress). In connection with this, if there is anyone out there who knows people who worked at The Grand Hotel or the other venues the band used / stayed in, please try and put us in touch.  If you worked for the Stones Mobile crew back then (in the office perhaps) we’d love to ask some questions. We have found a few people who went to the actual Zappa show too and witnessed the fire, but it would be interesting to get more reports.



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15 Responses to “Machine Head shout out”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Will the ‘Fire in the Sky’ book have the section in the back with a listing of ‘contributors’ (one’s that pre ordered) like the ‘Wait For The Ricochet’ book last time?

  2. Max___ Says:

    Will the book have any detailed info on Ritchie’s gear?

  3. Massimo Says:

    Great news. Will the book have any detailed info on the gear used to record the album?

  4. Scott W. Says:

    Look forward to this book! I mentioned before that you could arguably say that there is a plethora of material for writing about Machine Head and In Rock, compared to Fireball and WDWTWAre. The latter two albums could be adequately written about in one combined volume. Maybe in some type of format combining them, as a two part book. These two albums went by more unnoticed by the mainstream even though they are still highly regarded by us ‘real fans’. (especially Fireball… one of their finest in my opinion).
    As long as they get written about in some form or another, who cares about the order!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Although we are doing the two ‘biggies’ first it would be nice to tackle the others, maybe as matching but slimmer volumes.

      • Roy Davies Says:

        We Purple fans demand 75,000+ word glossy tomes detailing each album, with hundreds of unreleased photographs, and signed by the band – and all for under a tenner, naturally.
        C’mon Simon, get your finger out…!

      • simon robinson Says:

        Might take me a while to edit the text down to hit that word count Roy!

  5. Henrik Says:

    – Any news on the e-book for the In Rock sessions?

  6. timothy Says:

    I know the stupid who fired the gun – do you want his phone number?

  7. Steve Gall Says:

    Pity that a book of their finest moment and best album ‘Fireball’ doesn’t appear to be in the pipeline unless the books aren’t being written in a chronological order

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