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ritchie blackmoreThe first ever boxed history of Rainbow according to the label, designed to grab the post-Christmas market. Titled A Light In The Black it runs from 1975 through to the shows in Japan in 1984 and it’s quite an impressive looking artifact in many ways, with five discs plus a DVD. You can read more on the site in the review section, and I’ve added the latest track list there (it has been subject to change over the production process). Quite a lot of rarities and the feeling is that it does enough to tempt most fans. The set is rounded off with a DVD from the Donington Monsters of Rock event, the first time this show – aired as an edit on the BBC after the gig – has even been issued officially. The set is due out late Jan 2015, price to be confirmed, likely around the £45 mark plus shipping.  Pre-order through DTB Online store and we will contact you later with confirmed price in case you want to change your mind.


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22 Responses to “Rainbow boxed off”

  1. mike Says:

    Another missed chance to give us Rainbow fans a treat. Bought all the albums, then all the cd’s then all the so far available de-luxe editions. Nothing seems to change no real ‘for the fans’ extras! Who oversees this stuff, does Ritchie even hear it or just sign on the dotted line to ok it? I remember reading an interview with Ritchie where he explained how frustrated he got when playing a gig and people who’d paid good money couldn’t see him or the band because of pillars at the venue or bad lighting or sound. If that’s true why are we still getting sub standard releases! We the fans are still paying our money and still ending up behind a pillar with no view of the great stuff that’s out there. The whole Donnington show on cd please, its been 35 years! All these radio broadcasts, sound board recordings, even sound checks. There was a proposed live album from wembley arena then from japan… the list goes on. Sorry to rant but getting a bit tired of filling up Ritchie’s pension fund.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Feel free Michael, I suspect a lot of people feel the same, it’s real narrow horizon stuff isn’t it?

      • mike Says:

        Thanks Simon, yes very disappointing. There are some wonderful Purple concerts available, one for virtually every tour so why not for the mighty Rainbow? Perhaps the future has some treats lined up, who can tell. Shame the Blackmore Coverdale project that Mr Coverdale has mentioned didn’t work out. So come on Ritchie give the fans some treats!

    • Roy Davies Says:

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some of the live shows previewed here slip out on general release over the next few years.
      There are plenty of really good soundboards floating around, and that’s before we get to the 1990s era!
      I wouldn’t hold your breath on the Donington stuff; I seem to recall Roger mentioning the quality of the audio tapes was awful (mixed as they were recorded) and he even overdubbed the bass on the officially released tracks for the vinyl compilation in late 1980.

      • Alister Blockley Says:

        I hadn’t known about that overdub. Not sure whether to thank you or not, Roy!

      • mike Says:

        Thanks Roy it would be great to hear some. Shame about Donington, my old bootleg cassette has seen better days! Anything from the 90s would be most welcome too, the long Hammersmith show for one!

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    What I want (too late for Christmas now but) is the Best Rainbow song and I think that is Gates of Babylon – can there be a live version of this found somewhere somehow? Also I recommend Yngwie Malmsteen’s version of this – awesome!

    • Roy Davies Says:

      Ian, not Rainbow in the strictest sense but Ronnie Dio did a live version of GOB that you can find on the ‘Holy Diver – Live ‘ 2-CD and DVD release from 2006. You get a rare go at ‘Tarot Woman’ too!!

    • kevin k. Says:

      There are a few live versions around, but they are from Dio in his own band sadly not from Rainbow, however they are still good. There is a rare live in studio version of it from Rainbow on the net but I cant remember exactly were I found it there. Yes the Malmsteen version rocks! If you cant find the versions I mentioned drop me a line and I will dig up the links for you. Cheers!

  3. Edwin kivisto Says:

    Will there be a U.S. release?

  4. mAx__ Says:

    I’ve been posting comments on the site, mainly about “Fire in the Sky” but they won’t get published for some reason. It says that my comments are ‘awaiting moderation”. Am I blacklisted or something?
    Thanks, mAx

  5. Kosh Says:

    It would be fantastic if ‘one day’ we saw a Dio years box, including cleaned up versions of bootlegs from the first US tour etc. Indeed a huge box including the ‘best’ available boots would be my dream. I’d also like to hear a 5.1 version of the debut, Rising & LLR&R – Do you think that’s a likely option Simon? To hear Stargazer as God most likely intended would be awesome and for me constitute an actual ‘unheard’ moment. I still fail to understand why, if multi tracks exist (?), we didn’t get to hear the strings naked (as it were) on Stargazer and Rainbow Eyes! I look around the world of Prog and whilst bands like Caravan are getting ‘proper’ deluxe treatment and superb box sets, us Rainbow fans are left with okayish boxes and okayish deluxe releases. Surely the ‘label’ can see the potential profit in a proper Rainbow MKI, II and III box, it’s all soooooo frustrating. I realise obtaining boots and satisfying the MIB regarding ‘quality’, must be a difficult task, but oh to hear a version of Temple of the King from that debut tour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m not sure what survives in the way of multi-tracks. While Deep Purple’s archive is largely intact (and happy to have had a hand in that!) Rainbow seems to be a real mess. I’ve never seen multis for the first album or Rising, and only bits from the third album and On-Stage. I guess as he couldn’t wait to ditch his old management, stuff was mostly left in studios.

      • Kosh Says:

        Ah! that was my fear and confirms what I’ve long suspected. I still hold out a little hope that one day something will be ‘found.’ At least I can still dream about some potential decent recordings from the first tour…

  6. Jack Says:

    Gigs from the Down to Earth Tour should be released as they were officially recorded!!

    • Roy Davies Says:

      Jack, Several of the Japanese shows were taped , but according to Graham Bonnet Ritchie was unhappy with their quality.
      Though I seem to recall that soundboard recordings of the 1980 Essen concert were made available on cassette to members of the short lived official Rainbow fan club?

  7. Anthony Says:

    A bit of a disappointment here and a great opportunity missed. May be great for new fans of the band but apart from a few live tracks which haven’t been officially released there is nothing new for us veteran fans and they haven’t even included the track ‘A Light In The Black’….ones of Rainbow’s finest moments!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I can still remember hearing that for the first time, a BBC Saturday rock show, Alan Freeman I think – previewed and played the whole track – never heard anything like it! We were in a room at Padgate College of Further Education suitably enough…

      • Clive Robey Says:

        Simon, it was Fluff on his Saturday afternoon show. I remember like it was yesterday. He played both Stargazer and A Light in the Black straight off.

  8. Gary Says:

    Looking forward to this provided the rarities are “never before” released and not gleaned from the re-releases. so that`s the question, is this “new” or regurgitated?

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