Change of gear

Roger Glover doctorate

Out goes the old bandana, in come the snazzy college headgear and gown.  Has Roger Glover made a career decision and decided to audition for Blackmore’s Night?  Happily not. Instead he is being made an honorary fellow of the University of South Wales (new college motto “hyacinthinas in petra”?) in recognition of his musical achievements.  Who needs the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame? Congratulations is what we say and nice to see him looking so well too.

I would direct you to the article on the BBC Wales web site but it’s so full of factual errors Universal have probably got there first to sign the writer up for their next archive sleeve note…!  Thanks to Tim Summers who pointed me at the story.


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5 Responses to “Change of gear”

  1. Michael Says:

    How true Simon about Universal, the CD spine of 10cc’s Original Soundtrack has “The Origunal Soundtrack”.. The good old record companies got rid of most (of us) with any product knowledge, or love for music in general. Very sad. Congrats to Roger.

  2. irishpurpsfan Says:

    a rock legend…please bring Purple to Ireland on your tour next year

  3. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Nice hat Rog! Still think he should have looked out his old Scandinavian Nights era hat since it was a special occasion though.

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