Monsters of Rock

Rainbow Monsters of Rock book

New Years greetings to all DTB readers!  Never know what story will kick off each January, this year it’s a project which will hold interest to our hardier readers. A suitably big book telling the history of the Monsters Of Rock festival is due later this year. Most of the Purple guys played there over the years, and Rainbow were instrumental in the success of the very first event in 1980 (it was their promoter who helped launch the festival and got them on board). The book is by the people at RS publications and will be accompanied by a matching volume on the subsequent Download event which followed. Free square of muddy t-shirt and a scrunched up replica programme with every copy?!

As you may have seen the truncated film version of Rainbow’s set at the first show (along with some audio) is due at the end of this month as part of the Rainbow box set. This can be pre-ordered at the DTB store.


2 Responses to “Monsters of Rock”

  1. Tony B Says:

    We won the LP mentioned by Roy above in reply to a Sounds magazine competition to win a banner from the show!

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Dare we wish for a companion/expanded CD version of the old vinyl compilation album that came out in October 1980?

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