Discoveries [1]

Strange-Kind-Of-Woman-Greece coloured vinyl

Strange Kind Of Woman / I’m Alone
Greece : Harvest HARG 1504 : 1971

A very rare release, even Dirk’s definitive collectors guide only gives it as ‘rumoured to exist’, this is one of a number of Deep Purple singles issued in Greece between 1968 and 1974.  The obvious interest for collectors is the multi-coloured ‘flecked’ vinyl.  Thanks to George Constantini we can show this here.  Incredibly for such a rare item, George turned a couple (!) of copies up recently from an ex-pat Greek dealer in America. He was told that Greece pressed both for the domestic market as well as for export to Cyprus and some other neighbouring countries.
Is it a fake?  Clearly not; a close look at the surface shows the tell tale spiral marks left by the arm of a juke-box (which is where this copy spent its playing life) while the label surface and print are all very much of the era.  It does not appear to be a promo, but whether the pressing was reserved for special use or sold in stores I do not know. Obviously on vinyl of this type every copy is different due to the way the colour is introduced. Any more information would be welcome.
As some collectors will know, Hush was also issued in Greece on a similar multi-colour pressing (Parlophone GMSP 132) in 1968.  This poor scan is off a discography on the web. Someone did kindly do a colour xerox of the single but not sure where I filed it!  Both singles were also issued on regular black vinyl.
Deep Purple Hush Greece coloured vinyl


17 Responses to “Discoveries [1]”

  1. Greg Says:

    I can relate to Les and Simon’s reminiscing about vinyl singles & LP’s. There was an underground basement in Ryrie Street Geelong, Australia where I got my first exposure to the bootleg album in the early to mid seventies. I didn’t know what a bootleg album was up until then. I can still remember a Deep Purple bootleg album called Darker Than Blue (anyone heard of this?). I emblazoned my school pencil case with all these Deep Purple obscure bootleg album names. Sadly my sole Deep Purple single, a truncated version of Woman From Tokyo backed with a live version of Black Night is only a distant memory now, although I still have the first vinyl LP I bought in ’73, Deep Purple In Rock.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Darker Than Blue was the title of a US boot version of the 1970 Aachen show if I recall. I nicked the logo off the front for this site!

      • Denis Hodgins Says:

        Still got my original copy of DTB bootleg purchased from Probe records in my home village of Liverpool

      • simon robinson Says:

        I remember Probe, down near where the Cavern had been. Great shop. Used to go in for rarities I’d heard on the Peel show when I was in Liverpool, and they always knew what I was on about.

  2. Les Hedger Says:

    I remember when 45’s were big. It was always fun going through tons of them at record stores seeing what was there. Same thing with albums. One store had an “Underground” section where they had DP and Jon Lord solo albums! Those were the days.

    • simon robinson Says:

      My fave hunting place was a market stall in Manchester (behind the ‘orrible Arndale centre). The dealer brought in boxes of 7″ stock from USA and sold everything really cheap, you never knew what you might find.

      • Mark Maddock Says:

        “Yanks” it were imaginatively called weren’t it?

      • simon robinson Says:

        No, I think that was down a back-street near the Palace Theatre, in a basement? Stuffed with US import cut-out vinyl and singles…

  3. The Demonseye Says:

    Whoaah! What a fantastic find, but “Cyrus” Simon? Are you living in hope Twerking is going to enter the Deep Purple story anytime soon?..

  4. CeeBee52 Says:

    There once was a record, a strange coloured record.
    The kind that the collectors say is oh so rare…

  5. Twanky Says:

    A bit confused that something like coloured vinyl in the 70’s would be used purely for a jukebox. Or is it just me ?!

  6. Badger Watson Says:


  7. Raj Kohli Says:

    Strange Kinda Vinyl or is that too obvious? Whilst MP3s and Ipods etc are great I do miss the feel of vinyl between my palms.

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