That’s why Mums go to…

Jon-Lord-Iceland-1971Brilliant project going on in Iceland called ROK, to document their rock and pop scene over the years.  It includes pages on the many visiting bands too, including one on Deep Purple.  Lots of cuttings and material, all of it written in Icelandic but fun to look at nevertheless.  Here’s a cutting from Morgunbladid, June 3. 1971.  Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen.


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9 Responses to “That’s why Mums go to…”

  1. Christophe COLUSSA Says:

    Very rare live shots from 1971! Enjoyed.

  2. jose galvan Says:

    The incident with the microphone stand took place in Chicago. The stage was immaculate and part of the incredible sound of the place. Robert Simon, the sound engineer, told everything about that episode in DTB magazine.

  3. Scott W. Says:

    I have always enjoyed the June 18, 1971 Reykjavik, Iceland, boot show as the sound is decent and the band improvise quite nicely!

  4. Scott W. Says:

    Amongst some well known photo’s from tour progs etc, there are a couple of Ritchie ‘Doing his thing’ that are priceless! It’s all part of the Blackmore mystique/technique during this period of his career that set him apart from other players, as showmanship was so integral to the band’s performances! The shot of Gillan swinging the mikestand towards the stage made me think of the story where he almost got his ass kicked by protective stage crew for trying to break a mikestand against the stage (damaging the flooring in the process) after being dared to do so! I believe that occured in the UK in the 70’s if my memory serves me right.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I do recall IG getting the band into troub doing this at some prestigious venue in America, recounted to me by one of their road-crew. The union stage crew went after them!

  5. Les Hedger Says:

    That is one of my all time favorite pictures of Mr. Lord!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It is an absolute beauty Les; I have the original promo print it came on somewhere but never ever found who took it or where.

  6. purpledaniel Says:

    In the 4th July section pictures, the band is captured live in the exact same venue and pointing angle as Led Zepelin seen in the LZ DVD. LZ played Iceland around the same time.

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