More dust biting

California BreedGlenn has announced that his latest band California Breed has folded.  Only formed in February last year, the CD didn’t really stir people up as Black Country’s debut had, and having to tour supporting Slash kind of made it hard for some fans to go and see them (I mean I like a good GH show but you’d have to pay me to see Slash!).  Jason Bonham had already pulled out even before the shows took place. This seems to have been the key to it all, as the band had already got their support shows booked. Glenn has commented: “On June 2, Jason left California Breed. We had just gone on sale with tickets for the USA and Europe tours. I felt it necessary to commit to these shows, as we had recorded an album and we needed to play and promote our work. Joey C came in and played drums and helped us out on tour and I am supremely grateful for this. What I couldn’t commit to was a second album. California Breed was Jason, Andrew Watt and myself – and there was no way moving forward without all three original members.

Thanks to Tom Dixon for the heads up.  The CD is still available at DTB online shop, before it disappears into the growing list of GH titles which cannot be found for love or money.

Oh well that’s the bad news. Any good news?  Well, the Russians are firing Sarah Brightman into space…


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18 Responses to “More dust biting”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    In my Diary this day I have a 10/10 review by either Powerplay or Fireworks magazine of California Breed (when Jason was there) at some NY concert. Other sources of reviews such as online ones or from other publications also seemed to have averaged consistently very highly admittedly with some wider-range than usual (ie negative ones really so- but definitely a small minority). I always enjoy the wide range of GH music and his contributions to various Deep Purple albums and so on. It’s a good thing he’s not just repeating 1972 music and moving forward in the main. Yes I loved Trapeze but not ad nauseum. Robert Plant has it correctly – you have to move on and onto new things!

  2. graham Says:

    Anyone else think the production of the CB album is poor? Production spoils it for me.

    • Scott W. Says:

      @ graham, YES! I have posted elsewhere that the production is not to my liking at all. It sounds like a blanket is draped over the speakers or something. The dynamic range is flat, not much high end. The crash cymbal’s do not breathe. As a drummer the sound should be lively. Good studio drum sounds would be Cozy on ‘Rising’ and Vinnie Appice on Sabbath’s ‘Dehumanizer’ (love his sound on that album)!

  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Shame about Cal Breed, I liked the album but as someone mentioned above I couldn’t pay top price to see a support act – Come on now Glenn – out here in Purple Land we have waited a long long time for a “Coverdale Hughes” album – well stranger things have happened

  4. Les Hedger Says:

    Glenn is best when he is playing funked up rock. Maybe he should re-record some of the old Trapeze songs along with some of his own personnel favorites.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    I saw Glenn and CB headline the Planet Rock ‘Rockstock’ festival on 5th December.
    They played a set almost exclusively of CB tracks. After a few unfamiliar songs the mood took a turn when after shouts for ‘Burn’ Glenn made a pointed comment along the lines of ” No, I’m looking forward, I’m making new music I love”.
    Things rapidly deteriorated after that, and 30 minutes in guitarist Andrew Watt threw a wobbler. Declaring into the mike….”I’m not playing another note until someone sorts out this f***ing feedback”.
    After five minutes of further effort, the guitarist promptly walked off stage. Glenn followed without a word and the drummer gamely did a two minute solo before shrugging and leaving to a chorus of boos and heckling.
    Cue a few adjustments by roadies and out the band trudged, Glenn gave us his ‘I love you all as brothers’ speech and they carried on. The moment however was lost and many of the bemused audience wandered away as the set proceeded. By Burn the crowd was noticably sparser…..Sad.
    Glenn has the dilema of whether to focus on new music or bow to pressure and mix things up with classics from his career. Trouble is, personally I dont think the CB material was strong enough to allow a focus on the new and the future.

    Set list – The Grey/Chemical Rain/Sweet Tea/Scars/Strong/Spit You Out/Medusa/Invisible/All Falls Down/Days They Come/The Way/Midnight Oil/Burn.

  6. Ianzinnk Says:

    Can’t they just go away… its not news for DP fans

  7. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Disappointing that the end came early as I feel there was “more in/to” this group. The cd did have some sensational tracks such as All Falls Down. Coincidentally there was a track called Midnight Oil – also the name of one of Australia’s best groups (highly recommend their album “10,9,8…” especially the track Short Memory!) Most reviews of CB I read were actually more than pretty good. However I think playing Deep Purple’s Burn without the keyboards backing would have sounded hollow – yet if a late live release came out I would buy it for interest’s sake. Next chapter please!

  8. Twanky Says:

    The growing list of GH titles which cannot be found for love or money. Which are Simon? Just asking!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Seen the LA Blues Authority album down at HMV lately? OK, money will buy you most of them somewhere! But we’re always getting calls from people wanting stuff which has just been deleted, and Glenn’s back-catalogue almost never seems to get reissued.

  9. Alan Taylor Says:

    My son took me to the show in Leeds as he really liked the Slash album (I’ve brought him up well though – he knows that Purple are far more important than GNR…). CB’s set was short but they seemed to be on good form and a bit looser than any of GH’s recent bands and he seemed to be enjoying himself. Unfortunately the sound was ridiculously bad, at least where we were, and it seemed to be acoustics in the hall rather than the PA – it was the same for Slash, with howling feedback on certain high frequencies. Really spoiled what could have been a good gig. Glenn might have been better playing smaller places (I last saw him in the Limelight in Belfast which is basically a pub!)

    • simon robinson Says:

      You’d think the venue in Leeds would be all super duper sound as it’s brand new…

      • Twanky Says:

        The sound in the Arena is usually superb. That night though it was poor, so i would blame the PA not the venue

  10. Rob Corich Says:

    Interestingly they weren’t bad opening for Slash (and surprisingly Slash was extremely good bordering on excellent…and I’m not even a fan!)
    But CB are no BCC that’s for sure… After seeing BCC a few times (of which I was blown away frankly) it was pretty obvious CB had a hard road to hoe…
    Maybe Glenn should get Jason back and try recruit that guitar player from Kingdom Come is he’s around… The one that sounded like JP way back when…that’d work….

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