Don’t misquote me on this…

Latest piece of fab merch from the official band store.  Can you spot the mistake?  That’s right, it should be a washing machine NOT a motorcycle!  Oh, and someone might like to check back to the lyrics to the song.  They’re on the album sleeve…

Speed King Shirt

Next up, the Stormbringer shirt “Dark cloud gathering, breaking the day, Stormbringer coming, just watch yourself…”


19 Responses to “Don’t misquote me on this…”

  1. Derf Renal Says:

    There was always a conundrum for me when DC sings “’cause it’s comin’ your way yay”. Should we be celebrating his or her arrival? I mean, it’s time to die right? (cracking up)

  2. Tony B Says:

    I guess it’s still better than ’57 minutes of heavy rockin’ music’
    (Live in London LP Kilburn 74)

  3. Les Hedger Says:

    Since we’re doing mis-quotes, my dogs favorite songs are “Long Live Sausage Rolls”, “Bonebringer” and “Fetch the Mainbone”. (during this song, a big Doggy Treat lights up over the stage. The audience goes howling mad over this).

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    “if the blue bird plays the eagle yeah finds his mum has baked a scone”

  5. Scott W. Says:

    “Speed King, you got to hear me clean, I’m a Speed King, see me dry”…

  6. Tom Dixon Says:

    I can think of lots of crude ones! (Standing under her bedroom window playing with my…)
    But this one would work on a t-shirt; “I’m alone here, with empties beagles & snow, unfriendliness drilling my body & screaming out pitchers of home”
    The graphics, I’ll leave to you Simon.

    • Tom Dixon Says:

      This one has provided hours of fun in my twisted mind…
      A new design with a theme of an insect in a dress which may be a little high above the knee – AntHem.
      Or the theme of a set of of stairs fashioned from rodents – Flight of the Rat
      A theme of an ice cream about to melt before it is saved – Chilled in Time
      A theme of the singer from Hermans Hermits arriving – Noone Came (age defines wether you get this one)
      Being served by a restaurant attendant who is obviously on drugs – Coke on the Waiter
      Ok, I’ll stop now, but there’s a million more!!

  7. Jerry M. Says:

    I want this shirt!!! The shop.deep-purple page won’t download for me…

  8. Jeff Breis Says:

    A washing machine would be better, just ‘cos it would be funny.
    The merchandise on the US Deep Purple site is all crummy like this, the UK site at least has some good t-shirts, and a wide variety.
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a Now What?! tour programme? No one seems to have those for sale anywhere, and I missed the tour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I couldn’t get to the show so don’t even now if there was a programme, can anyone shed light?

      • George Martin Says:

        I went to 2 shows on the Now What Tour and asked at the concession stand for a tour program and the answer was they only had one in Japanese for the Japan shows. They told me they would sell me one but it was quite expensive because they were signed by all of the band members. I should have bought it but my wife would have killed me for spending $100.00 on a program. If it’s available next time I won’t make that mistake again!

    • Scott W. Says:

      I have spoken to Jeff about the Now What?! Tour prog. I bought one when I saw DP In Lincoln, CA., 8/8/14. Kind of gross pic’s of the band members faces FULL SIZE on a page each. Gross cause you can see each pore on their skin very clearly!

  9. Chris Lee Says:

    What can you say? Shoddy…

  10. John Tucker Says:

    “Smoke on the water, a beer and a pie..”

  11. John McEvoy Says:

    Those Roman numerals are wrong too!
    MCMLXVIII is 1968 – shouldn’t it be 1969 (MCMLXIX) or MCMLXX (1970)? 
    John McEvoy.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Must confess my days learning Latin are contemporary with the In Rock album John, but yes you are correct, they’ve got that wrong as well (unless they have a demo of Mk 1 going through the track?).

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