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Joe Lynn Turner makes a rare solo UK tour this April, seven shows billed as “an evening with”.  Quite a good spread of shows too from Edinburgh, Belfast and London and some smaller places in between.  Curious to know exactly what the VIP package goodies are our nearest venue, the The Diamond in Sutton In Ashfield…!  Perhaps the barmaid winks at you and you get a fresh beermat?  Thanks to Tim Summers and others for the flyer.

Joe Lynn Turner UK tour april 2015


20 Responses to “VIP package”

  1. Rock Voorne Says:

    The show he was supposed to do over here in the Netherlands was cancelled.
    I had already bought my ticket and hoped for the best, meaning…..would there be enough people wanting to see him, like I do.
    I saw OTR twice and it was great.
    Since I saw him doing numerous shows somewhere else on the globe but Holland and Belgium were not in his agenda anymore.
    Because there was no reason given why the show was cancelled I fear it had to do something with money?

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    I still enjoy a great live album I have with Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe L T ! I do wish someone would put together a Live album from when he was with Deep Purple (that is the only line-up missing a live glimpse for the record). But see also my musings on the JLT era elsewhere on the DPAS site. I note too from Classic Rock that JLT seemed to have “issues” with Mine Host of this site!?

  3. Kevin Says:

    I guess your name’s not on the list, Simon?

  4. stuartahamilton Says:

    Bannermans! That will be a shock to the system for JLT. I once saw a Romanian Kiss cover band set fire to the roof there. Well, they did only have about six inches head room as it’s a 100 or so capacity basement bar.

  5. Mark Jones Says:

    On closer inspection, the £50 VIP package on the “Spring acoustic tour” allows you to ;

    Be one of only 25 People to watch JLT perform an exclusive three song acoustic set before doors open
    Meet & Greet with JLT
    Photo Opportunity with JLT
    Signed 8 x 10 Photo of JLT
    Signed Tour Poster of JLT
    Souvenir VIP Pass

    Still struggling with JLT playing Evesham ..

  6. Vincent Brightling Says:

    UK and Ireland tour? Belfast is in the UK.

  7. Mike Galway Says:

    I’VE GOT MY VIP TICKETS! [editors note – due to issues with the internet, some comments may have got scrambled. I have tried to sort them out but let me know if I got any wrong…]

  8. Les Hedger Says:

    I wonder what happened to the Rainbow Reunion?

  9. SF Says:

    Every promoter is now making VIP packages to squeeze more money.
    Back in the day it was enough to wait a while after the concert and you could get LPs signed, or there were meetings with bands organised at record stores, or something like that.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed. Shop signing sessions eh? And I hate th think how many hours we spent in the 70s freezing beside stage doors. Still worth it at a Gillan gig listening to one new bug desperate to get Eric Gears to sign something…

  10. Roy Davies Says:

    I’m off to Evesham!

  11. Keith Says:

    I’ve bought them for Belfast. The usual Meet and, posters etc but also 3 ‘exclusive’ acoustic tracks that won’t be in the show.

    • Dave Stone Says:

      I saw JLT at The Bordeline in London last night. It’s a small pub/club, and was full, I guess around 200 people. Just him and a guitarist doing an acoustic set. JLT was suffering with a cold/nasal problem which he apologised for, and it was noticeable when he went for higher notes. Apart from that he sounded great, a bit rougher than he can be on record (when I find him a little smooth and anonymous). I didn’t make a full track list, but the tracks include (not in order) Stone Cold; Street Of Dreams; Catch The Rainbow; an HTP track; I Saw Her Standing There; Blackbird; King of Dreams; Love Conquers All; Hush; Smoke; a Van Morrison track; and Roadhouse Blues. Possibly a couple more which I’ve forgotten.

      Joe’s planing to come back and do an electric tour in July. I don’t know if he meant the same venue, or just to UK generally.

      He also mentioned the rumours about working with Ritchie. He said the rumours came from him! He spoke to Ritchie last year, and Ritchie wants to do some rock stuff once his latest BN commitments are finished, and JLT’s finished his plans in the next couple of months. He said the plans are for autumn, depending on Ritchie’s wife and mother-in-law! He also said that knowing Ritchie he may have forgotten all about it!

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