purple wednesday?

David Coverdale Deep Purple

David Coverdale, rearranging.

What’s David Coverdale up to?  Teasing the pants off everyone apparently! We normally avoid the wilder outskirts of the rumour mill here at DTB, but promised news of a new Coverdale project any day has set the purple part of t’interweb abuzz this week.  And the word is that his new album is in fact a ten-plus track set of Deep Purple cover versions (from his time with the band…  mind you he did used to cover Black Night in his semi-pro days, so you never know).  In the latest issue of Classic Rock magazine he talks about getting to the point of re-listening to his Purple work and REARRANGING (our caps. Well Tim’s really) some of it too. A date of Feb 25th is shown on the online teaser trailer (which is more akin to a hollywood movie launch) which the singer has put online, so we expect more news to follow on Wednesday.  Someone pointed out that their new guitarist Joel Hoekstra has painted his Gibson metallic purple too… You can watch that short trailer video on Demitry M Epstein’s site (go on, give his server stats a spike!) – http://dmme.net/whitesnake-reveal-a-new-records-date/ Talking of Classic Rock, they’ve gone heavy on Deep Purple in the current edition of the magazine, with a somewhat misleadingly In Rock themed front cover.  The excuse (not that they need one) is a survey of bands neglected by the rock’n roll hall of fame, and for Deep Purple they have spoken to many of the group getting them to argue the case.  It’s mostly sound-bite stuff (and in Ritchie’s case vintage soundbites) but some interesting snippets in there, and yet another excuse to raid the Getty photo archives. The issue also confirms our story of some months back about the Coverdale / Blackmore purple project, with Coverdale commenting: “After several discussions with Ritchie’s manager I felt that I didn’t share their vision of how they saw the project. I sincerely wished them well and respectfully withdrew.”


30 Responses to “purple wednesday?”

  1. Richard Breese Says:

    Simon. You fail to mention in Classic Rock that Joe Lene refers to you by name saying you “galvanised a real hate campaign against me”. That’s not how I remember it. S&M was clearly not your favourite record, but a “hate campaign”?!

  2. Leftin Says:

    Would like to hear Coverdale’s take on Emmaretta. In CR, he cites it as the first DP record he bought. Always thought Mk.1 and Mk.3 had more in common than most line-ups.

  3. bernt Says:

    The original recordings were played with groove and feel. But now?

  4. Rob Says:

    This is the first Whitesnake album in 20 years I’ve gotten excited about. I’m happy that Mr C is doing this. Shame Ritchie didn’t want to do it but fair play to the both of them for talking about it and full respect that they’ve made peace.
    I WILL be buying Whitesnake tour tickets this year!!

  5. frodster Says:

    In defence of DC, Glenn recut Stormbringer in ’94 on a DP tribute album. Somehow that version lacked some sparkle and definitely some ingredients from Long Beach ’76 would have gone along way.

    • simon robinson Says:

      And let’s not forget Ian Paice has been working in a DP tribute band off and on for the last couple of years when his dayjob has been quiet.

  6. Jeff Summers Says:

    This is an exciting project and a great interpretation of Stormbringer. Looking forward to this album.

  7. Kosh Says:

    I find it odd that Ritchie would opt for a project with Coverdale. I love him, a top bloke and a top, top singer in his pomp. Alas his pomp is long behind him, the ‘new’ Stormbringer is an acute illustration of why Ritchie went the way he did… I think he said something about lurching about the stage in leather pants in your 60s etc. Not pretty is it? If Lord Blackmore returns to the rock fray, I sincerely he opts for a top set of pipes – Hughes would do, but failing that give Chris Cornell a call, or perhaps the former lead singer of the Screaming Trees – the name escapes me apologies. Catch the Rainbow? We shall see…

    • simon robinson Says:

      So we feel Ritchie’s stage gear is more appropriate for someone of his years do we?!

      • Kosh Says:

        Actually Simon, you’ve got a point. I’d say it’s more a middle ages thing, and Ritchie is way past that for sure. Actually he always he reminds me of Charles I or II, I keep expecting a spaniel or two to bound on the stage during renditions of Past Time with Good Company… Barking that’s for sure. I do love Coverdale, and you’re spot on, if this project was with Ritchie I’d be loving it – vocal straining aside. I guess I want it to be a magic experience, I’m just not sure it would have been ‘there’ with Coverdale! I’m sure, however, we would have ‘heard’ what we wanted, others however would have been more critical. Ritchie deserves to be alongside a fantastic singer, it would rekindle some of his fire… JLT no thanks – I note you get a mention from said in Classic Rock, I guess JLT wouldn’t be your choice either!

  8. Bruce Says:

    No No No! Anything else but not this! David Coverversion again!
    Why must he rape these magnificant oldies? Horrible voice on the STORMBRINGER video. If that’s the approach for the whole album, I woluld like to say: Oh my god, for heaven’s sake turn it down!
    Must we let him fool us – No No No
    Is it getting better – No No No

  9. RB Says:

    I’m not sure the failed collaboration with Ritchie was down to the guitarist, because the fault could lie with his mother-in-law, who is known for being somewhat difficult. Such a missed opportunity – to hear Ritchie playing some new rock material would’ve been wonderful. Plus, it would have been lovely to hear David singing some valid and classy rock instead of the heavy metal he seems to do these days.

  10. frodster Says:

    Dare we compare & contrast JLT’s take on ‘Lady Double Dealer’ with DC’s forthcoming offering. I noted too that Joe still remembers our Simon with grizzled affection. I’m guessing they spelled your name right in the Classic Rock Simon?

  11. frodster Says:

    Why does that Frog always jump down Mr C’s throat in recentish microphone engagements ? I hope the chemist can prescribe..
    Say ”ah”..David. Why is Glenn Hughes on the same land mass as DC but not sharing a microphone recreating those celebrated twin harmonies for the newbies? Glenn stated that DC originally provided alot of ideas for ‘Holy Man’ so this along with the MK4 material being included is welcome.Royalties coming your David! Regarding WS’ Stormbringer.”Sad to say” No interpolating Tommy’s Hendrixy approach ..and that little funky Long Beach ’76 breakdown being too much to ask.
    Of course the Weston super Mare minstral not providing some light relief from what may be a shred-fest to clatter these impatient lugholes of mine.Well this will hurt me more than it hurts most of you..OK Doc,but I’ll buy mine in store!

  12. Tim Says:

    Watched the Stormbringer clip and was horrified when DC started singing, or should I say growling? I stopped it halfway through the second verse. Awful, just awful, and I say that with a heavy heart as a big DC fan. Such a disappointment.

  13. Roy Davies Says:

    Can we dare hope for a Volume 2 where Dolly revisits the ‘Northwinds’ era and delivers some smoky, laid back and emotive blues??

  14. AndyS Says:

    After seeing the Stormbringer video I won’t be buying the album, just awful. The world doesn’t need heavy metal/big hair versions of classics that were recorded by maestros in their prime. And what on earth is going on with the ridiculous posturing and gesticulations of the new guitarist, is he in the middle of a colonoscopy?

  15. Derf Renal Says:

    I loved David’s career from 1974 to 1987. But since then everything I’ve heard follows pretty much the same template, cruise control songwriting, steadily declining vocal ability, faceless guitarists. Nothing can take away from that amazingly great, Rock god history. But this is both bad (very bad) and a waste of time.

  16. Kazz Says:

    Still no comments? Well, after hearing/seeing the Stormbringer clip I only can say: David, quit the business, before losing all respect youi have gained in the past. It’s horrible.

  17. Les Hedger Says:

    The track listing is out and David will do a tour consisting of MKIII and MKIV songs from what I’ve read!!

  18. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    OMG!!!!! The Purple Album looks fantastic refer the WS home page. Brilliant selection of tracks. CAN’T WAIT!

  19. Chris Clark Says:

    You were right! Just saw the full “Stormbringer” video. I have mixed feelings about this…it’s cool on one level, but on another level it’s like, “I thought he and Joel were writing new songs.” Plus I still think a Coverdale/Hughes reunion collaboration is long overdue.

    • dave stoddard Says:

      And that project would def get a thumbs up from me. Have sent that question to both of them regards a possible Coverdale/Hughes album – Sadly no replies

  20. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Love DC and Whitesnake – can’t wait for some new interpretations of his Purple-era material! Very exciting indeed. Check out Martin Popoff’s book too a quick read but interesting enough and some new photos too.

  21. Mike Galway Says:

    Rearranging perfection? Oh fuck……………

  22. Timinox Says:

    I’m sure that’s the Grim Reaper at 5 seconds in….

  23. Les Hedger Says:

    I don’t think there’s any chance of DC and GH re-uniting with RB, or a chance of a Rainbow reunion. I think RB likes what he is doing and not touring much.

  24. Mike Herbage Says:

    “Didn’t share thier vision” or in other words, Ritchie wanted the lions share of the wedge!

  25. Bernt Says:

    DC now has the chance to do his homework and write the lyrics for Coronarias Redig which he couldn’t in the old days because he was hungover!

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