Alt Purple

Doing promotion for the upcoming Whitesnake Purple album, David has been opening up a little on the recent rapprochement with Ritchie, which throws some more light on the alt Purple reunion.

“After Jon passed away, I felt it necessary to reach out to Ritchie Blackmore to express the grief at Jon’s loss and to hopefully bury any unpleasant hatchets we’d been throwing at other for decades. It was during our reconnect that we discussed the possibility of some kind of a Purple reunion or a ‘Blackmore/Coverdale’ project. During the time we were talking, I started listening to our old albums and began working on ideas and new approaches to suggest rearranging some of our original works. Unfortunately, our ideas on the reunion aspect didn’t quite gel, so I respectfully withdrew from further discussions, though I am happy to say we did bury old animosities and we have thankfully stayed in touch.”

It was Coverdale’s wife Cindy who suggested that he take his ideas and make a new Whitesnake studio album celebrating his legacy from his time with Deep Purple.

“Even though we’re playing songs I recorded with Purple over 40 years ago, it has all the classic Whitesnake elements people who support us have come to expect…” says Coverdale, “I thought it would be cool to go out, as it were, the way I came in to this music business.”

This last sentence has been seen as a possible hint that DC might bow out of live music after the tour.  It could certainly be read that way, but equally might just be a slightly ambiguous transcript from a longer interview; “go out” simply meaning to go on the road.  I guess we’ll see.  [Our post on the Purple Whitesnake album if you need to catch up.]

Anyhow, here’s a bit of a Coverdale related photo courtesy Barry Plummer. See if you know which festival this was taken at, and tell us if you recognise yourself in the front row!  Answer will follow.



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10 Responses to “Alt Purple”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Listening to the great Whitesnake Live in the Heart of the City cd (that incorporated the “Mk1” lineup versions of Mistreated etc) – just fabulous! There really should be a full re-edition of this as it’s one of the best live albums I think. We can’t turn back the clock but…!

  2. Scott W. Says:

    I watched ‘That Metal Show’ on VH1 here in the US. I never miss it as it is the ONLY real music show on that has many of our fave bands on. New guitarist for WS, Joel Hoekstra, was on as well as a chat with David Coverdale via the web. Joel is awesome and one solo sounded like a Harpsichord and the other was popping notes like a bass player. Reminded me of Glenn or Billy Sheehan! I definitely will have to catch one of the Snake shows in California in June! David talked about Jon and the subsequent Ritchie talks that unfortunately went nowhere. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt (also on the show) said he wishes he wrote/played Rainbow’s Stargazer when asked what song he wished he wrote. I believe non US residents can watch on VH1 online if anyone is interested

  3. Paul Orchard Says:

    Looks like 1983 to me. Twisted sister and Dio were also on the bill I seem to remember. I can’t believe my parents let me go to this. I was 13! Of course what happened 2 years later at Knebworth blew this away.

  4. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Classic photo!

  5. blue ivy Says:

    I suggest checking facts first. Don’t jump to conclusions based on a line, ‘as it were’, the whole piece. Even if this turns out to be the last tour, totally ok. we have been to many farewell tours so far and they weren’t the last! I’m happy as long as they go back to studio and render a few more great albums. Fine with the tribute, but dDvid can do a kick ass tribute to the early bluesers or produce that magnificient Northwinds sort of sound album again or a beautiful acoustic thing with his velvety voice.

  6. Bo Poulsen Says:

    Good and very bad news.
    Great that are now talking, but sad big time that they are not working together. Old sound to Coverdales voice would be MUCH better than what he has been doing for far to many years, and Blackmore back with The Fender.
    Then we just need Paice, Gleen and a great keyboard player. What more could we ask for?

  7. V Says:

    Nice picture!

  8. Derf Renal Says:

    Too bad he couldn’t have ended things with a Micky Moody/Bernie Marsden reunion. That’s the only Whitesnake project I would have actually cared about!

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