Out Of Hand

Book Of TaliesynRecord Store Day UK is but a few weeks away, and sleeping bags will soon start to appear outside Barry’s Record Collector shop in Sheffield as per every year.  There is a quartet of Deep Purple items on offer this year in the UK (other territories often do their own thing). Thanks also to Tim Summers.
Deep Purple – Out Of Hand – This is a 10″ vinyl release off the current album, with the album track backed up by  Après Vous (Instrumental), and on the b-side Lazy (Live At Wacken Open Air 2013) and Hell To Pay (Instrumental).
Also from recent times is a vinyl edition of  Live With Orchestra: Montreux 2011 (3LP), which has been out on DVD and CD already.
From olden times comes Black Night / Speed King 7″ on blue opaque vinyl and  The Book of Taliesyn in glorious mono, on white vinyl. This follows up last year’s Record Day issue of Shades.
Given our hassles getting stock in the past, will not advertise these up front, but WILL try to get unsold copies after the day for the new DTB collectors store.  We have managed this in previous years, and always sell at regular retail price.
Soup recipes will follow.  Search for previous Record Store Day articles relating to the band on this site using the box on the right. Meanwhile here is an amusing look at the Record Day phenomena from one of the record blogs I follow which some may find all too familiar!


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7 Responses to “Out Of Hand”

  1. SF01 Says:

    I have just transferred the Out of Hand to my digital library. I hope they will release the two instrumentals on CD, because Ear Music was reluctant to send me digital copies…
    Also Taliesyn is in my collection, as well as Shades.
    I passed on the Black Night from 2014 and from 2015, but I have Smoke from 2012, it allegedly has different live mix than the In Concert 72 CD.

  2. Petri Says:

    And mono mix come out last year on cd

  3. Ricky Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Montreux 2011 3LP has been released as a limited run before a few years back. Is this release going to be exactly the same as the previous issue? It was up at 70/80 quid at one point on Ebay for the original issue and I now see the list price of this release is about the same brand new!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have a feeling that Italian vinyl label may have licensed it for a short run Ricky, but they were almost impossible to get ahold of as they were not supposed to be sold outside the country.

  4. vincent chong Says:

    I just hope it is not a mono version created from the stereo masters.

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