At the risk of turning into the Whitesnake fanclub…(though the covers album is one of the most talked about in ages): Eddie Trunk’s VH1 ‘That Metal Show’ interviewed DC via a video link about ‘The Purple Album’. David talked about Jon wanting a “Purple reunion (of sorts)” in his last few years, and also said he discussed covering Rainbow songs (as well as DP and WS ones) with Ritchie during their reunion chats.
In the meantime Whitesnake have posted an EPK online covering the upcoming release, with more snippets from said album.

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4 Responses to “EPK / VH1 / ETC”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Great review of the Purple album on the Rockgig site today! Very exciting and at least they understand what it is about. To read some of the rubbish around like Classic Rock DC has no right to exist it would seem!? So to follow their [lack of] logic for instance, Robert Plant would never be able to do LZ tracks again in his own way! Ridiculous. Long reign DC, who made an invaluable contribution to the Deep Purple story!

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Fabulous interview with the Incomparable DC! Great clips and teasers too and absolutely can’t wait for the Purple Album!!! Of course the Originals are untouchable but so good to hear them being done again (as “Deep Purple” nowadays won’t!?) and unfeasible new life kicked in (Lady Double D) but also some very tasty classy titbits such as Sail Away. . . let’s go!

  3. andyswallow Says:

    This makes me quite sad. It’s like the last chance for any sort of Mk3 reunion/collaboration was so close and has now floated out of reach forever…

  4. staromestska Says:

    So I guess Glenn wasn’t invited?

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