Deep Purple House of Blue Light t-shirt

Tracy Chaplain-Payne wonders if we get Simple Crochet magazine on a regular basis, to which I shame-facedly have to answer “no”. Viz, Private Eye and Country Life is about as far as it goes.  So we missed this nice upcycling of a vintage Deep Purple shirt which turned up on the cover of the magazine issue 29 to offset the crochet scarf. It’s the House Of Blue Light tour, and has been given a new v-neck (losing two of the band in the process!) with a leather string to gather the shoulders.  Or you could hang on to yours in the hopes that it becomes a collector’s item (though after 30 years you’d think it might have done so by now…).


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14 Responses to “upcycling”

  1. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    My brother and I went to see Purple at the Rotterdam Ahoy, I believe it was early ’87. He bought the same t-shirt the lady is wearing. I got the one with the HOBL door on it. I still have it. Can’t put it on anymore though, would be too scary a sight.
    At the time I had been conscripted into the Dutch army. A fellow from my platoon called in sick to be able to go to the second AHOY show (starring an annoyed Blackmore – apparently his team had lost that afternoon’s football match) and was almost but not quite arrested by the military police for going AWOL.

  2. Tom Dixon Says:

    You’d better bow your head…
    … Wait for the ric-crochet!

    I’ll get my coat!!!

  3. Les Hedger Says:

    She’s a cutie. Purple never looked so good!

  4. Mike Herbage Says:

    She can knit one pearl one for ….

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    Cue a verse of “You Wool No One…….”?

  6. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    She’s very lovely but, given that she’s a HOBL fan I’m not sure we’d get on. It’s a dealbreaker.

    Actually, is that the Love Conquers All pose she’s doing on the right hand side there?

  7. wpslo Says:

    I was going to say “Country Life! How Rock n’ Roll is that!” but r3c0 got there first.
    Mind you that is where many of the old rollers seem to look for their houses.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ann just like checking through for under-priced Lutyens houses on the off-chance Castle Drogo comes up for sale cheap.

  8. Dave Stoddard Says:

    How dare she – Butchering a DP shirt – is RB missing me wonders ?

  9. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    How very rock’n’roll. I can picture Mr Gillan wearing his very own crocheted version on stage…not!

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