The real thing

After all the news lately about tribute bands and cover versions, some actual new Deep Purple shows to report.  The band have a short set of shows in America during July and August, plus a one off in Canada and another down Mexico way (and in case Vladimir strops and decides to reannex Alaska, one in Russia too.)  Tickets are on sale now for most of these shows and you can read the full list on our 2015 gig page.  Thanks to Vince Chong in Canada for the info, with his local ticket seller proudly displaying a photo of Mk 2 at De Lane Lea to their online viewers!


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4 Responses to “The real thing”

  1. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Got my 2 tickets for August!

  2. Alan Says:

    Only 1 original member – the drummer :)

  3. Mike Galway Says:

    The real thing my arse

  4. Marquis Says:

    Europe ? Switzerland ??? Montreux Jazz Festival this year ???

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