It’s been Mistreated

Deep Purple Burn sleeveAs it’s Easter week and every other bugger seems to be on holiday, for those who aren’t, it’s competition time:  It gets harder and harder to devise competitions as 99 times out of 100 you can Bing the answer (yes, I’ve switched) within moments, but couldn’t resist trying people out on this, a very strange (but far from unaccomplished) cover version of Deep Purple’s Mistreated. I mean who would have thought he could star in one of our all time favourite sitcoms AND manage this?  The question:  can you tell us who is singing?   Click on the link below leads you to a one off page where you can listen or download the MP3.  Answer next week, and the prize – a mint copy of the EMI remaster of Burn on vinyl – awarded to the first person out of the eHat who gets it right.  If nobody manages it, we’ll devise a clue. Put your answers in the comments section, and I will keep them hidden.

Mistreated cover version

Many thanks to Norman Barrel and Nick Robinson.


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40 Responses to “It’s been Mistreated”

  1. mike sudlow Says:

    And the answer is?

  2. Alan Smeaton Says:

    Jeremy Clarkson – big classic rock fan and at a loose end…

  3. Paulandersonrocksaul Anderson Says:

    Imagine Coverdale now appearing in a remake of The High Life and being very Camp. Oh Deary Deary Me !!!!

  4. Richard Poustie Says:

    How about Kelsey Grammer?

  5. Chris Aug Says:

    Denis O’Leary?

  6. Chris Carver Says:

    . . . Will Mellor

  7. Mark Tucker Says:

    Kevin Pietersen – reflecting on his treatment by the England cricket team?

  8. PaiceFreak Says:

    Captain Beefheart

  9. Les Hedger Says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work on my computer so I’ll just take a blind guess, is it Frank Sinatra?!

  10. Darren Keeler Says:

    Robert Lindsay was my initial thought when I heard it….but I’ve been beaten to it!!

  11. Mike Galway Says:

    Is it Ann with a cold?

  12. Rob Mc Says:

    Very interesting and surprisingly rather good. Haven’t got a clue who it is but love the picture it brings up on VLC player. Come On You Irons!

  13. Wiz Says:

    It’s David Coverversion from Whitesnake.

    No – hang on, thats a long running soap, not a sitcom

    (It’s actually better than most of the latest Whitesnake cover versions, so maybe I am being unfair…)

  14. Chris Meloche Says:

    Scots accent coming through? Alan Cumming?

  15. Nicky Pickard Says:

    My guess is Robert Lindsey

  16. Peter O'Connor Says:

    Paul Nicholas ( Just Good Friends )

  17. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    No idea who is doing this cover but it’s well done and certainly an interesting variation! Incidentally (can I add) Glenn Hughes does a magnificent live version on the excellent 2004 double album Soulfully Live in the City of Angels and featuring the great JJ Marsh on guitar. . . check it out glorious 11.22 mins!

  18. Rob Hough Says:

    Craig Charles (Red Dwarf)

  19. Terry Hough Says:

    Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf)

  20. Jeff Breis Says:

    Russell Brand, I’m guessing

  21. Vincent Budd Says:

    Classic sitcom? Well it has to be John Cleese then obviously. Ah no, perhaps it’s Michael Crawford. Dawn French? If I could have a serious punt – how about James Buckley out of ‘In Betweeners’? I know he’s musical and I think produced The Script – though the guy sounds older. Just an idea!

  22. Gabriel Martin Says:

    Hi Simon, I think the singer is Max Greenfield.

  23. David Pettersson Says:

    Charlie Sheen

  24. Andrew Steed Says:

    My guess is Adrian Edmondson.

  25. John Handy Says:

    Hi Simon, This is an interesting find? I’ll put a bid in for Noel Fielding!?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Lots of interesting suggestions (in that “I’d like to hear them give it a try” – though perhaps I could pass on listening to any more Shatner Deep Purple cover versions) and quite a few correct answers as well; we’ll pick a winner early next week.

  26. Игорь Коваленко Says:

    alis kooper

  27. Dick Pimple Says:

    Robert Lindsay?

  28. Tom Dixon Says:

    So, it’s not just Dead Ringers we have in common – it’s the High Life as well! Although the film was pants (Strange Magic) the soundtrack isn’t as bad as it could be. What with this surprising interpretation by ALAN CUMMING plus Leiber & Stoller’s Trouble wrapped up with a quick Wild Thing… sort of entertaining!!

  29. Gabriel Martin Says:

    the singer is Max Greenfield.

  30. Stephen Minett Says:

    Robert Lyndsay

  31. Nigel Jones Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Is the singer Adrian Edmondsen by any chance?

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind regards,

    Nigel Jones

  32. jasonrodericks Says:

    Adil Ray from Citizen Khan

  33. Karl-Heinz Says:

    William Shatner…

  34. Paul Littlechild Says:

    I enjoyed it more than I thought – as it was downloading I was really hoping it would be Terry Scott but no – I am afraid I have no idea.

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