Deep Purple Black Night Record Store Day editionWe covered last Saturday’s  Record Store Day Deep Purple releases a while back (details here) but for those who are interested we have some stock of three of the titles; the Black Night 7″ pic sleeve (which has an unissued edit of a Roger Glover remix, plus the piano Speed King); the Mono Book Of Taliesyn LP (both colour vinyl) and the triple Montreux 2011 vinyl (which is the priciest of the three as you might imagine, it weighs a ton too!).
We were not allowed to offer them prior to RS day, and cannot put them on the shop yet, so please email Ann if you want copies and she will email you with the details. Supplies are very limited as indie stores got first dibs, so it’s first come first served.
Amazingly Sheffield has seen four more vinyl outlets open this year, albeit all hidden away in the suburbs where rent is cheap, but nice to see.


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4 Responses to “RSD”

  1. Pierre Says:

    Beggars Banquet in Kingston Upon Thames has a load in stock. Apparently the delivery arrived AFTER record store day so it all went into their racks. I picked up “Out Of Hand” about 10 days later and no need to queue either

  2. SF Says:

    Any chance to get Out of Hand?
    I only got Book of Taliesyn in my local record store.
    And Smoke on the Water from 2012.

  3. Timothy Says:

    40 years on and nothing has changed (always unfashionable) Purple plugging away, the remastered vinyl selling to the die hard fans, but now that Jimmy Page is issuing the Zeppelin back catalogue it makes the BBC news! 3 LZ albums in the all new vinyl top 10 chart? I wonder if next months Sticky Fingers reissue will top the lot?

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