The High Life

imagesLots of guesses for the Mistreated cover version competition we posted a few days back (and apologies for being late giving the answer – the internet connection here was crawling along last week, making it impossible to do any meaningful work online.)  Some were wildly off, others just having a bit of fun.  And lots of correct answers as well.  ONLY people who answered via the blog correctly were entered as someone apparently just stuck the answer on the DTB Facebook site (Fud. I will make sure any future comp do not get posted there as well.)
Anyhow, it was actor Alan Cumming doing the singing (or “the culprit” as Steve put it!). It was from the official soundtrack album to one of those animated films, a “madcap fairy tale musical” called Strange Magic, directed by George Lucas (four words now guaranteed to send a shiver down any film buff’s spine.) Pretty dreadful viewing by all accounts. Alan starred in The High Life, a great (well we love it) sit-com based around a low-budget Scottish airline company (came out on DVD a while back at last), which was the clue.
We made a list of all the correct entries, then Ann blind picked Craig McGovern, and we’ve contacted Craig for a mailing address for his vinyl prize.  We’ll have to be even more careful in future with competitions, as someone pointed out that you could throw the MP3 at Shazam and get the answer that way…

Harry Enfiled Paul Whitehouse flyer

While on about comedy I must show the flyer for the upcoming Enfield & Whitehouse comedy tour later this year, which Paul said was a tribute to Deep Purple recently!  Thanks to Annie Graham for sending this on. Personally I regard their history of BBC2 as one of the cleverest and finely crafted comedy pieces I have ever seen on TV, both very funny and also very damning at the same time. I dashed off to see about tickets for the live show, and found they wanted us to part with £45 a go…  for two people on stage, a few props and a selection of wigs.  Hmm, maybe more of a tribute than they realised!


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8 Responses to “The High Life”

  1. timothy Says:

    Hmmm… it looks like both ‘covered’ and ‘wait for the ricochet’ now need updating and reprinting! You’re bang on about that history of BBC2… needless to say it wasn’t repeated, a habit of the beeb with any decent programme!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I missed the BBC2 show first time round but they just put it back up on iPlayer for a couple of weeks, so it might still be there if you’re quick. They also just put up the entire new Peter Kaye series for a full week BEFORE it has even been aired, not sure what all that was about (but took advantage anyway!)

  2. Mike Galway Says:

    …..where as three people on stage, a few props and a selection of wigs sounds like the group calling themselves Deep Purple- at least. E&W might have a few laughs (although I find Waterhouse quite sinister for reasons I can’t explain)

  3. Demonseye666 Says:

    Congratulations to Craig. Ha! I think I was being a bit naive Simon? When you put “one of our all time favourite sitcoms..” I thought you were speaking as a nation not just the Robinson household? Bah..! Yeah, caught the end of Harry & Paul on the Graham Norton Show, “That’s our homage to Deep Purple..” said Paul as they flashed the poster on screen & I agree with you about the ever ridiculous rise in ticket prices!!? When you think we paid £2 or £3 in the ’70’s £5/£6 ’80’s etc.. Mind you I only paid £16.50 for a JLT ticket tuther week AND The Bugger had the decency not to turn up!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s one thing when a rock band has to cover all the expenses, but they’re asking more than the last Purple tour!

  4. RB Says:

    Didn’t see the original comp, but Shazam gives the right answer within a couple of seconds…

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    £45 a go??!!! For that money I’ll wait for the Rainbow reunion….we’ll then get five people on stage, a few props and a selection of wigs….

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