one that got away

Hush UK picture sleeve Deep Purple

A very mint copy of that rarest of Deep Purple UK singles, Hush / One More Rainy Day, in an original and very good picture sleeve, has sold for a grand at auction, according to George Costantini (himself a keen singles collector). I’m fairly sure this makes it the priciest regular (i.e. not acetate or test pressing) release single from the band now. Pretty much rules it out ever being added to the DTB archives I’m afraid!  It tops the £700+ paid out for a factory condition mono Shades a few months back too.


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11 Responses to “one that got away”

  1. Ulf E Says:

    Makes me feel quite glad I bought it when I did – back in ’86. I still had to pay half a fortune for it, but it is nice to see that vinyl also can be valued in that way too!

  2. Damian Says:

    Would an autographed CTTB LP be worth more?

  3. Mark maxwell Says:

    I have an original promo copy of this single. Any offers?

    • simon robinson Says:

      All donations to the archive gratefully received! Looks like your best bet is to auction it Mark.

  4. Timothy Says:

    I wonder if it’s a ‘porky prime cut’?!! Answers on a postcard…

    • simon robinson Says:

      No, young George didn’t start work until a few weeks after this was released (I just had to check!).

  5. Paul Hogan Says:

    Bring back mono!

    Beamed direct from my brain


  6. Timothy Says:

    That sleeve looks like a doddle to reproduce – I’ll dig out my old vinyl press from the garden shed and get a few ‘tribute’ copies made – there’s money in plastic!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve not yet seen repros of too many rare singles, but at price like this someone is bound to try. However it is very very hard to get the right sort of paper and letterpress printing these days, and you’d need an original copy to fakes the right matrix numbers, so hopefully it’s not something for us to worry about.

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