one made earlier

Deep Purple In Rock sleeve match

Why? Well The Grauniad newspaper online reran a picture story about finding famous album covers on Google ‘street view’ (sort of like that Sleeveface craze from a few years back) some time ago (see link below).  Anyway, Tim Summers decided they’d missed one crucial shot so had a go himself which we thought was worthy of reposting.  Anything to cheer the other 70% of us up in the aftermath of last thursday…


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7 Responses to “one made earlier”

  1. fishface Says:

    Pleased I’m at the left site!

  2. RB Says:

    Anybody tracked down “Nobody’s Perfect”?

  3. Dick Pimple Says:

    I thought this was a DP & related site. Why don’t you keep your politics to yourself? We are not interested. The loonies lost…..get over it.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Other Deep Purple sites are available.

    • John Whittingdale Says:

      Hear, hear! Why alienate DP fans who are open minded enough to see that Wallace and Gromit were unlikely to do a better job.

      Libraries wouldn’t have been closed if we hadn’t been left with no money by the last labour government. Do you really think DC wakes up each morning with new plans to make life worse for the voter? If you’re cynical enough to think he doesn’t care, then at least realise that he needs people to vote for him, so why would he piss them off if he had a choice? So “70%” – wasn’t it actually 63%? – didn’t vote Tory, but more did than voted labour and many fewer than 50% of the voters elected Blair – and what a disaster that was.. remind me, who introduced tuition fees? Then you should consider that most of the people who voted UKIP, not to mention the vile BNP and some of the Ulster parties and even LibDem, would probably have needed more cheering up had labour won. So you’re probably down to <50% and democracy rules – you just don't like the result.

      • simon robinson Says:

        No I don’t like the result, but I also hated (even more) the way Labour chickened out of doing anything radical when they last had the chance (and went sleeping on the job while the banks screwed us all over). Cameron clearly isn’t bothered about pissing some sections of society off if it makes others – usually the better off – happy (Bedroom tax?). And they’ve borrowed more in five years than labour did in thirteen. Put any money into creative arts and design and we’ll show you how to relaunch the country, it was tried in the 50s – and it worked. And arguably the feel-good result launched the sixties and – ahem – Deep Purple. How many degrees of separation was that?!

    • Bernard Maasdijk Says:

      Well, as a matter of fact I am interested and, not being a British citizen, I found the various comments regarding the general election not only interesting but also good-natured, right up to the point where the use of Majestic plural and “loonies” changed the tone to “mildly amusing”.

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