Tories turn Purple?

John Whittingdale culture secretaryIt turns out the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale, likes Deep Purple and went to see them on their 2011 UK tour (he’s also into Judas Priest and Motörhead.)  Fellow MPs reckon he’s been known to do karaoke versions of Smoke On The Water after hours too.
Mind you Tony Blair was also a fan, and that didn’t stop him letting all us lefties down big time. So before getting too excited I checked up and found John was a merchant banker and worked as Margaret Thatcher’s political secretary before becoming an MP  (and I don’t recall reopening all the closed libraries being high on their manifesto list either…).

Thanks to Richard Whitehead for the info.


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16 Responses to “Tories turn Purple?”

  1. Tony Pearsall Says:

    Hmmm my views not respected huh ??

  2. Leftin Says:

    Purple don’t need any Toe-rags as fans! If it were Iain Dungcan (sic) Smith or Osbore (sic), I’d sell my Rising.

  3. dsgy1avid Says:

    I thought for a second someone had voted UKIP. Ian Gillan has always struck me as being a bit of a ‘leftie’. Ritchie probably admired Thatcher because he believed in the ‘work and get results’ ethic. We all know someone who has grafted for 50 years and ended up with arthritis, a heart condition, a pension that gets them 6 beers a day and a photo album full of memories. I’m not knocking Ritchie for admiring Thatcher. My own brother swears by her. I’m just saying don’t forget the others.

  4. Moonshine Says:

    Tories like Ted Nugent,too… ;)

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    David Morris, guitarist (and MP for Morecambe) plays with parliamentary band ‘MP4’ and in his youth was part of Rick Astley’s backing band and auditioned for Duran Duran (urgh!) but interestingly said in an interview:

    “My main claim to fame was when I was 18 or thereabouts and I was shortlisted for Whitesnake – Bernie Marsden, who is still a good mate of mine to this day, left Whitesnake; he wrote all the hits – and they were waiting for someone to replace him. They couldn’t really do anything with me because they were on about breaking America at the time, which they did do, but they couldn’t take me on tour because I was too young – you had to be 21 to play in the States…”

  6. simon robinson Says:

    I’m not sure electoral reform is needed, but some form of society which seeks to reverse the relentless move of GDP to the top few percent of the population. It’s well recognised that heavy duty tax avoidance by multi-nationals could if claimed back clear the national debt almost overnight, but I didn’t see that on any manifesto…

  7. Nigel Says:

    Whittingdale actually saw Purple at the Roundhouse in 2013; his favourite album is Rainbow Rising

    • simon robinson Says:

      Are you saying the Tory press office told porkies about 2011 then?!

      • Nigel Says:

        No – the paper which reported it got the date wrong! (I travelled to the Roundhouse gig with him)

  8. Mike Galway Says:


  9. Rock Voorne Says:

    Seeing DP live in 2011 does not show a healthy sign for me.
    Agreed on Blair. The same happened here with so called left.

  10. Paul Hogan Says:

    I remember – with a great sense of disappointment – reading an interview in Sounds in which Ritchie spoke of his admiration for Margaret Thatcher. May go some way to explaining the innate conservatism that crept into his music, making it significantly less compelling IMHO…

    • simon robinson Says:

      Remember it all too well Paul, depressed the **** out of me. And he wasn’t even living in the country at the time either!

      • dsgy1avid Says:

        A lot of people that admired Thatcher did OK from her policies. I get the impression he and Gillan didn’t always see eye to eye politically.

    • Roy Davies Says:

      Wasn’t it in Kerrang! circa 1982? About the time of ‘SBTE’ coming out IIRC.
      A certain S. Robinson did an excellent “History of Rainbow” article spread over two issues!!

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