Gillan turns Glam?

Ian Gillan Birmingham 1978

Ian Gillan in his Glam Rock days in Birmingham

There’s a rubbishy new Ian Gillan double vinyl collection just been pushed at us, “The Definitive Ian Gillan Live”. The word ‘definitive’ in this instance means anything we can license cheap from Angel Air (the dull cover features the G from the famous Gillan logo on a black background). However it was the somewhat desperate sales notes which made us smile; “this collection from glam rocker and former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan finds home to dozens* of classics!”  Leaving aside their notion of classics (Twin Exhausted?  Money Lender?), or that he seems to have suddenly quit Deep Purple…. Ian Gillan, Glam rocker?!
But then I thought back to some of those weird and wonderful late era Episode Six promo shots, and the satin bomber jackets and striped trousers of the IGB period – maybe they have a point and we all just missed it!
More stripey trousered pictures at the DPAS archive website

* actually 18 tracks, so one dozen and a half.


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One Response to “Gillan turns Glam?”

  1. Chris Clark Says:

    I thought he was actually a closet disco fanatic. Remember the white leisure suit he wore in the Beat Club videos for Highway Star and No,No,No, six years before John Travolta.

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