The Glimmer Twins

Lots of pics zooming around the web to confirm Glenn Hughes stepped up to the mic at the Whitesnake Purple Tour show in Beverley Hills this week.  He reportedly sang on at least two of the Purple tracks.  Kind of makes you wonder why they didn’t get it together so the pair could have done the Purple songs in a second half of the set type scenario, which would have been a bit special!  Even the suburst lens flare looks like Mk 3 days…

Glenn Hughes and Coverdale

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5 Responses to “The Glimmer Twins”

  1. rayx2013 Says:

    was at the show , it was terrific, bay I’ve seen whitesnake in years, hearing them do you keep on moving was awesome . I photographed and reviewed the show for Fireworks magazine.

  2. Kosh Says:

    Yep I’ve seen the footage now up on youtube – it’s not the best recording, but I bet it was bloody magic to be there. They’re singing Lay Down Stay Down and You Keep on Moving on the footage I saw. I agree it’s a shame this ‘thang’ wasn’t a Coverdale Hughes project. It’s clear from the footage that unlike the old days Hughes has the maturity and the range to support and cover a little for Mr C rather than ‘compete’ for the limelight as in the past on (ahem) occasion. Indeed I reckon it would have been an awesome listen and sight to see a few gigs from the pairing.

  3. Scott W. Says:

    I saw WS on the 2nd in Santa Rosa, CA. Too bad the venue was about 400 miles north of LA or I may have experienced a treat such as this!

  4. davidstoddard55deeppurple6 Says:

    Long overdue !!

  5. Alan Taylor Says:

    Glenn has posted a video of You Keep On Moving on his YouTube page
    Much better than the album to my mind. It show just how much Hughes added to the sound. That said, the Purple Album’s metalising of these songs shows how much Jon added. And Ritchie. And Paicey…..

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