Blackmore au Rock

nightRitchie Blackmore has opened up about his plans to play rock again – to the French national newspaper Le Parisien.  He was interviewed to help promote a Blackmore’s Night show there tomorrow night at L’Olympia. A couple of people have had a look at the translation and from this the general scenario seems to be that he plans to do some shows in June 2016, and cover Deep Purple and Rainbow material.  He tells the writer that he has not formally settled on anything yet, or come up with a line-up (though he has a few players in mind).  His idea is to have a couple of names, and some less well known musicians.  He again stresses that this will be short-term, three or four shows only.  The journalist mentions that a promoter has told him a festival in France is one possible date and Blackmore confirms this has been discussed.
We do know that he can delight in winding people up, and the interview concludes with the suggestion that Joe Lynn Turner may not be involved after all.
So the saga continues!  Maybe he’s done a deal with TV for a new talent show to find a suitable band…
Thanks to Mark and Tom for the link; those who did better than me learning French at school can read the full article online:


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12 Responses to “Blackmore au Rock”

  1. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Best case – Paul Rodgers on vocals, Glenn Hughes on bass/vocals, Lars Ulrich on drums and Keith Emerson on keys. Not impossible but probably wishful thinking. This would create massive excitement.

    Likely scenario – He said names plus some others. This might be blind optimism but surely there has to be a link to Purple ? If so, this has to be Glenn. No one from the current DP line up will do it, he won’t go back to Mk 1, Jon has passed and DC “didn’t share his vision”. In addition Blackmore always focuses on capability and GH is still “tearing up”. Maybe Doogie White on vocals, Tony Carey on keys and I still think Lars on drums (he has publicly said he would take the gig in a Mk III reunion).

    Worst case – Ritchie and a bunch of journeymen. Given RB’s quality they would all likely be top players but we want to be inspired by something like this right ?

    Others to consider – Jason Bonham, Rick Wakeman and JPJ.

  2. Jim C. Says:

    Jorn Lande is the obvious choice for the vocalist position. He’s got the chops and the sense of respect for the material that others lack. He’s a huge Purple/Whitesnake fan too. I’d love to see RB and Tony Carey patch up their differences, as he was by far the best keyboard player Rainbow ever had. He also could (and did) go toe to toe with Blackmore night after night on stage.

  3. Jarosław Skulski Says:

    I hope Ritchie and David Coverdale put the band together…

  4. Gerardo Reynaldo Says:

    Actually, I believe the interview was not translated correctly into English. It is my understanding that Candice Blackmore will produce a show called “Talents for the New Purple Rainbow” with the Man in Black himself as the main judge.

  5. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    What should happen – a convenient meeting of hearts and minds across Whitesnake; GH Band and Doug; and Blackmore’s Night. Bits and pieces of this might be our last chance to hear Ritchie doing the Mk III classics that include those regularly covered by David and Glenn and of course recently re-recorded by DC. Hoping!

  6. Roy Davies Says:

    Get Don to phone up Chris Childs and Harry James (from Thunder) who backed him a few years ago when with Bonnet. That’ll be the backing band sorted in a thrice!!! Ritchie will go with JLT and track-wise it’ll be akin to the circa 1995-7 setlist with a few DP tracks thrown in.

  7. John M. Says:

    Recent trademark activity in the States with the Rainbow name on behalf of Richard H. Blackmore. (Link:

  8. Leftin Says:

    Paris in 2015? Remade in Europe, perhaps (or peut-etre)? Think Blackmore’s idea of a short tour is a good one, as Blackmore’s Night is clearly a long-term band. Seem to remember that was the idea with the mooted Dio/Powell reunion of the late ’90s. Neither of those men, sadly, is available, but Rainbow’s last drummer, John Miceli, was brilliant (check out the YouTube video from Toronto in ’97). Hope he gets the job. The more controversial singer issue will probably surprise us all – and that’s a good thing. Joe Lynn Turner is never surprising, and it’s probably safe to say that most of us would prefer Rod Evans or Dougie White to take a stage with RB. Or maybe someone completely untried, like Terry Reid!

  9. Kosh Says:

    Hi Simon, Fantastic news, and could be very interesting if we see the likes of Wakeman, Emerson, Rodgers or even Hensley et al as part of this ‘return.’ I suspect Ritchie has realised the folly of going down the Turner route, especially if it’s going to be a handful of shows. This needs impact and, alas, Turner might not be the man to draw a significant crowd on his own! I sincerely hope this ‘actually’ happens and that we will see at least one UK date, for his loyal ‘home’ support. I’ve seen a mixed reception to this news on-line, most likely due to the several false Rainbow ‘dawns’ that have preceded it. I can’t help feeling Ritchie needs to show his hand, or he’s finally going to be a busted flush with the music press. Now is the time however, and if he’s even half the ‘rock’ player of his 74-78 pomp it’ll worth the very probable three figure ticket!

    I’d love to see a few ‘rare’ tracks performed: stuff like; Little Brown Jug, Self Portrait, Tarot Woman, LA Connection – Don’t get me wrong anything will do! but surely this is a golden opportunity to celebrate the singular Blackmore vision from dawn to dusk as it were!

    That is – if it even happens… LLR&R regardless!

  10. Jeff Breis Says:

    Now is the time for Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Anderson to finally start a group together. Blackmore would have been perfect on ‘Homo Erraticus’, and Anderson would be better than Candice* (sorry) writing lyrics and singing.

    Too Old To Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll: To Young To Die.

    *actually, I do rather like Candice Night, but Blackmore’s Night has gone past its’ freshness date, I think it expired in 2008**

    **on recordings, that is***

    ***the live shows are still great.

    OK, I’ll shut up now and mind my own business.

  11. Ziya Celayiroglu Says:

    I won’t be surprised if Paul Rodgers sings with Blackmore!

  12. timothy Says:

    I heard that he was going to have Bill Wyman guest on bass, and do ‘Je Suis Un Rock Star’ in a medieval fashion…

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