which one’s Deep?

Deep Purple Today programme NBCDeep Purple are scheduled to appear on NBC’s big morning TV programme The Today Show tomorrow (23rd) in America, providing they can make the 5.30 am deadline for soundcheck and rehearsal!  Quite a rare showcase for the band.  We’ll let you know if it is available on the web after, word is they’ll at least be doing Smoke On The Water.

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4 Responses to “which one’s Deep?”

  1. Rasmus Heide Says:

    At least Gillan got in the fact that they’re still working and haven’t stopped working since whenever. Possibly the most crucial point about the band in a country who most likely thinks they died with Perfect Strangers or before…

  2. James Bateman Says:


  3. Les Hedger Says:

    Place your bets. The interviewer will say nothing about “Now What” and will only want to talk about SOTW!

  4. mladd@hgi1.com Says:

    I really wish they would play one of their more recent songs instead of SOW. There is so much more to the band than that one well known riff.

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