Throwback Thursday

Deep Purple NBC Today programme

One of the reasons we got advance news on the NBC show (first mentioned below) was that the cameraman, Eric Eisenstein, is a big Deep Purple fan and Darker Than Blue follower. We met Eric last year when he was over watching his lad, touring with a great group called Man Overboard (and packing them in at The Cockpit in Leeds).  Needless to say getting to film Purple was a great gig for Eric, who says he got to meet all the band between the rehearsal and the live performance.
He sent us some great photos, which include this shot of them rehearsing (the stage was set up in the street outside the studio rather than have the kit blow everything inside NBC!), and one of himself in action during the show. Eric is the guy in the checked shirt on the far right filming Steve in the clip. Not a bad rendition either, Ian coping well with the ungodly hour. By the numbers sure but it did exactly what NBC wanted I suspect. Great shots of Paice’s kit in places too, gives an idea of how massive it all is.  Amazing to watch the folk in the background walking past on their way to work…

Deep Purple NBC Today programme
A couple of people have asked about Steve’s black support strap on his wrist, which apparently is to counter touches of arthritis.  He has been sporting this off and on since last year. As someone says, it doesn’t seem to slow him up any! Mucho thanks to Eric.

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7 Responses to “Throwback Thursday”

  1. pippa beech Says:

    Gillans’ voice isn’t a young mans voice anymore, but you have to give him credit. The guy’s 70 in a few days and Purple isn’t Purple without him singing.

  2. res Says:

    “Eric is the guy in the checked shirt on the far right”??? You mean the other far right or you flipped the photo?

  3. Chris Clark Says:

    People talk about Coverdale’s voice being shot, but I thought Gillan was struggling in parts here.

  4. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe Don Airey’s keyboard technique. “Pecker”. He seems to peck away at the keys!?

  5. Safwan AlNasser Says:


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