A sound of thunder

tony careyTony Carey doesn’t surface much here but he has recently* guested on a cover of Rainbow’s Death Alley Driver by a band called A Sound of Thunder.
To quote from the press release (we certainly couldn’t put it better!):  “This is a very cool cover of a very cool song, by a very cool band. So that’s all cool…” said Carey.  “As far as my part goes, I threw down some old-school Hammond and played a much-too-fast solo bit on a Minimoog (remember those?) and woke up on the Sunset Strip in pre-Apocalypse 1976… lots of fun, and not something I do very often. Hollywood Swingin’! Thanks for having me.”
I must confess it’s not that easy to pick him out, remix it now guys! A preview of the track is streaming on the band’s Soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/asoundofthunderofficial
Thanks to Josh Schwartz
* recently in DTB time….


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One Response to “A sound of thunder”

  1. Mike Galway Says:

    Rainbow live Rising tour box set of all the dates recorded please- only so I can pick him out in the mix- honest……!

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