Birthday boy

Ian Gillan birthdayIan Gillan marks a milestone birthday today!  I must confess we don’t normally worry too much about mentioning these things on DTB, but 70 is a bit special.  I was playing The Sun Goes Down to some friends only last night (the door was locked, they couldn’t escape) and thinking what a great job he did on it, and how you can still rediscover stand-outs like that in the catalogue which make it all worthwhile.  So for that, and many other gems stretching back fifty years to I Can See Through You (and whatever comes next), cheers.  Now, about that quid I loaned you backstage at Bradford in 91 when you threatened to rip my spine out unless I coughed up…

Here’s one somebody made earlier. Photo : Roger Glover


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8 Responses to “Birthday boy”

  1. Mark Maddock Says:

    No article about MY birthday on the 19th…?

  2. Andrew Butler Says:

    If you had to lock the door for Sun Goes Down, I hate to think what you did to make them listen to Razzle Dazzle..
    But yes, there have been some gems over the years, Toolbox back-to-back with Cher Kazoo, now does the volume go up to 12 on this thing?

  3. Les Hedger Says:

    I think I’ll put on Cher Kazoo as a tribute to Ian. Happy Birthday Big Ian!!

  4. Rock Voorne Says:

    Sun goes down is indeed a great track.
    Dismissed as a live track.

    So much for Blackmore not wanting to play good songs on stage.

  5. Leftin Says:

    Happy Birthday to IG! 70 is the new 50, isn’t it? Talking of Bananas, I think that album has the best Gillan vocal sound ever. Hard to believe it’s now 11 years old itself.

  6. Roy Davies Says:

    Happy Birthday Garth!!!
    Thanks for the soundtrack to my life the last 40 years!! On lyrical themes I’ll even forgive him for Razzle Dazzle !

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