Getting Gettin’ Tighter

tommy bolin deep purpleYou will need to squirrel this out on the web for a listen (or even – shock horror – buy the CD), but guitarist Craig Erickson, who has worked with Glenn Hughes in the studio and live, has an album out called ‘Sky Train Galaxy’ which includes a rare cover of Mk 4’s ‘Gettin’ Tighter’.  He’s not the strongest singer, but has somehow managed to get under the skin of the track and reinterpret it as if Tommy had done it on one of his solo albums, which is quite clever.  I started out listening to it and thinking ‘so-so’ but by the end I had really got what he was doing.  And don’t cut off at the end or you miss the quiet coda.  Nice one Craig.
Thanks to Tim Summers and Rick Freeman.


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6 Responses to “Getting Gettin’ Tighter”

  1. Nigel Sattin Says: It is actually called ‘Getting Tougher’ on this album

  2. Leftin Says:

    Gettin’ Tighter is more influential than you’d think. Self-Made Man, the opening track on UFO’s Walk On Water album (the ’95 comeback of the classic line-up) has a similar riff. It’s heavier, and in a different key, but you’ll hear the connection. Michael Schenker a Bolin fan? It’s possible.

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Great! I listened to it on Spotify and have ordered the album. I agree this is an interesting and very listenable and enjoyable interpretation. I like the understated vocal – and would be keen to have Glenn doing a take on this! It was always a highlight of Mk IV and the CTTB album so well done to have this revisited. Love Tommy – listening yesterday to Whips and Roses 11 – you’ll be converted! And I agree this version would be highly appropriate or “as expected” on say the Teaser album!

  4. Tom Dixon Says:

    Chris Catena also did a pretty good version of ‘Getting Tighter’ on his 2003 release “Freak Out”.
    The CD has loads of guests – I bought it as Bernie Marsden is on a few tracks, Micky Moody on two & Glenn Hughes on one (although not ‘Getting Tighter’ strangely. Moody/Marsden appeared on a cover of ‘Sweet Talker’; the Whitesnake one!
    (also has Tommy Aldridge, Steve Salas, Eric SInger, Dave Menketi amongst others)

  5. SF01 Says:

    It’s on Spotify.

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