Smells like…

“Do you know the bewitching power of the poppy? A precious flower, with invaluable vitality. Its bloom conceals a vibrant sensuality, revealing the essence of women, their most captivating facet.”

And here’s me thinking it was used to make Class A drugs.  Still, this new commercial for Kenzo perfume does have one thing going for it;  Deep Purple’s original Child In Time as the backing music.  And it sounds amazing even pulled out of context, testament to what an incredible track it always was.  The manufacturers have also posted a lengthy “making of” video in which they discuss everything from the design of the bottle to the CGI.  But don’t mention the music once.

Our man being sprayed in the face in John Lewis: Tim Summers


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7 Responses to “Smells like…”

  1. jmst1 Says:

    The claws of capitalism strike again. Have you heard that other ad that’s going around (sorry I can’t remember the product, so not much help) that clearly uses the main riff from ‘Space Truckin”? Do DP know?

    • simon robinson Says:

      We were told of an ad using this recently, but if so it wasn’t shown in the UK. It was for Sure Deodorant. W did check it out but the UK version didn’t have Deep Purple. Some may recall Ian Gillan doing a tour sponsored by US deodorant back in the day!

  2. Ricardo Barbosa Says:

    Wow cool, Child in time and the commercial was filmed in Brasilia, capital of my glorious Brasil!

  3. Phil Says:

    “the line that’s drawn between wait for the ricochet”?

  4. SF01 Says:

    Outrageous. So big companies now make smells from those flowers and in my country it is illegal for wild flowers growing in backyard, because government thinks everybody will make drugs…

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